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Pampers nappies not turned up?

(21 Posts)
sarabella Tue 30-Sep-14 21:53:03

Is anyone else waiting for the pampers nappies to turn up who've been selected to trial them? I've still not received them

sallysimpson Tue 30-Sep-14 21:55:17

Me neither!

DirtyWeeRascal Tue 30-Sep-14 21:57:57

None here either hmm

Thegreatunslept Tue 30-Sep-14 21:59:10

Haven't received any either.

Hollycopter Tue 30-Sep-14 22:10:59

Me either! Was wondering about this earlier.

sarabella Tue 30-Sep-14 22:11:21

Glad it's not just me then! I'll sit tight ����

nannynome Tue 30-Sep-14 22:12:04

And me, not a sign of them smile

jedishelly1 Tue 30-Sep-14 22:12:57

Not just me then!

FPATEL Wed 01-Oct-14 13:41:09

Not received either..

Madratlady Wed 01-Oct-14 13:41:56

None arrived here either, I thought maybe it was just mine that had got lost or something

Patilla Wed 01-Oct-14 14:00:29

Me neither. Concerned thry'll end up being too small for DD at this rate!

halfdrunkcoffee Thu 02-Oct-14 14:50:58

Me neither.

SoonToBeSix Thu 02-Oct-14 14:52:07

Me neither confused

mamato3luvleys Fri 03-Oct-14 09:36:59

Mine haven't turned up either and I feel the same hope they fit ds as he's growing at speed lately!!

mamato3luvleys Mon 06-Oct-14 19:45:45

Still no sign of nappies has anyone got theirs yet?

Notmymonkeys Mon 06-Oct-14 20:23:57

Me neither. I think I asked for a size up from what ds was in at the time - hope so anyway or they won't fit!

Ohhelpohnoitsa Mon 06-Oct-14 20:34:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

heartisaspade Mon 06-Oct-14 20:41:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mamato3luvleys Tue 07-Oct-14 15:51:54

Just had an email saying they should be with us this week sometime smile

mamato3luvleys Thu 09-Oct-14 13:30:33

Nappies have just arrived.
Happy changing lolhmm

Ohhelpohnoitsa Fri 10-Oct-14 19:43:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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