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Can you MN my wedding please

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ThePrisonerOfAzkaban Sun 24-Aug-14 09:49:16

Ok with all the wedding threads and not really anyone in real life who is being much help thought I would post on here.

Order of service
Church wedding at 11, want it later but unless the other wedding moves there's back we can't do anything about that.
Photos at church
To a barn for cream teas and scones for lunch
Rounders match and vintage fun fair games
3 course evening meal (evening guests will be invited to this)
Mini pub quiz
Band on for music.

We will be having teas, coffee, money behind the bar, wine on tables, welcoming drink and bubbly for speeches
Kids will be invited
Going for a relaxed country side theme, so no suits etc unless people want to wear them.
We maybe will ask for money and not presents, unsure on that yet, mil wants to do a poem, I don't.

Think that's it, is that ok for a wedding? We are aiming for a family bbq type vibe with the after do and nothing too formal.


JennyPiccolo Sun 24-Aug-14 09:53:25

That sounds amazing. I wish I lived in the country and could have a wedding like that.

callipygian00 Wed 01-Oct-14 00:31:53

Just saw this - your wedding plans sound lovely! My friend had a barn reception and they had a little vintage ice cream van and a lemonade stand, the most beautiful wedding I've been to! Congratulations!

VestaCurry Wed 22-Oct-14 11:17:59

Sounds super

mimidl Tue 11-Nov-14 06:11:57

I went to a relaxed wedding recently and they had a lovely idea of placing a wicker basket in the bathroom filled with bulk buy flip flops!
The were pretty colours and meant if your feet got sore you could kick off your heels and still dance the night away smile
They'd bought the traditional little glass 'milk' bottles from Amazon and had stripy straws in their colour theme complete with jugs of traditional lemonade and ginger beer.
A lovely, happy wedding - if you're not catering yourself maybe consider one of the vintage tea vans where the servers dress in 50's clothing and serve your tea and cake for you.
Sounds like you'll have a fabulous day that most importantly you'll remember and enjoy.
Congratulations xxx

SarahCraine Tue 11-Nov-14 06:25:14

Your wedding plans are just amazing. I like weddings in a barn too. It is very relaxing.

I attended a friend's wedding last year and the invitation comes with a pair of flip flops. So if you want to go, you need to wear those slippers that are just right to the venue. On the reception, they have over a hundred lighted lanterns and launch it on the sky while the party's going on. The view was so beautiful.

BumpAndGrind Wed 26-Nov-14 01:44:12

It sounds lovely. smile

Is there a reason not everyone can come to the day bit?

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