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Thank you mumsnet for the Wiggles tickets

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katzg Wed 05-Jul-06 18:12:43

DD2 says
'thank you very much for letting my mummy win the competition. We went to see the wiggles today in Manchester and had a lovely time.'

geekgrrl Wed 05-Jul-06 18:27:02

were you at the afternoon performance? We got back an hour ago... the kids had a fab time.

MamaG Wed 05-Jul-06 18:38:34

I was at the 11am performance! Excellent

hulababy Wed 05-Jul-06 20:01:19

Thanks also and also to Katz and her DD (think you mean DD1 there!!!) for asking me and DD to join them. DD had a great time, loved the show.

They are definitely on something though, or maybe a stubbie or two before the show. Never seen so many grown adults behaving so manic before. LOL!

geekgirl - we went to the 2 o'clock show. The one where Jeff ended up giggling madly when he was supposed to be asleep.

Oh and the free seats were excellent setas - row G and right in the centre of the row. Perfect!

geekgrrl Wed 05-Jul-06 21:05:53

we were in the front row of the balcony - fab seats.
It was good fun. Last year's had been better though - they spent a lot more time in the audience.

katzg Thu 06-Jul-06 09:05:15

yep meant DD1, she has talked about it all the way to nursery this morning but still insists that it mashed potato and not hot potato and loves sticking out her fingers and doing the twist.

i have now got to find her the CD of their songs apparently because she was sad when it finished and won't be sad if she has the songs!

Nemo1977 Thu 06-Jul-06 09:08:31

hula you were not far from me then I was in row F on the right hand side..right on the aisle which DS was delighted with..quite surprised most of row F was empty in the centre.

hulababy Thu 06-Jul-06 09:49:33

Nemo - near the little boy with the blond curly hair; think he was dancing in the ailse around there?

I was suprised at the empty seats as when Katz went online to see what seats were left, out of curiousity, there were only ones at the top back available. Was good for us though as it meant we had few people in front of us and had excellent views.

hulababy Thu 06-Jul-06 09:53:30

Katz - there is a Wiggles DVD and CD combo on the Nick Jr site \link{}. There is also a Wiggles V.Smile game!

Nemo1977 Thu 06-Jul-06 09:53:51

hula yes he was across the aisle from us.
obviously somebody bought the seats but was a pity

hulababy Thu 06-Jul-06 10:01:08

Yes, I guess.

Glad you all enjoyed it

katzg Thu 06-Jul-06 13:10:22

not sure i can face a DVD!

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