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Win Winnie the Pooh TV/DVD

(18 Posts)
Han4Dan Thu 27-Jul-06 23:57:52

Finally charliecat,Q!!!!

charliecat Thu 27-Jul-06 19:30:09

Wahheyyy Tv and DVD player arrived today No cd to watch on it though, but im not gonna gripe after all my whinging Thank You for chasing this up. And Thanks again

Han4Dan Wed 26-Jul-06 07:59:17

bump 4 cc

charliethelongstalkedcat Sun 23-Jul-06 10:43:55

Had your email, nothing else since though

charliecat Sun 16-Jul-06 16:44:21

Done it already

JJMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 16-Jul-06 16:36:07

You could fill out this survey while you're waiting....

charliecat Sun 16-Jul-06 16:29:50


JJMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 16-Jul-06 16:21:07

Hi charliecat, sorry about the delay. Will email you very soon and get it all sorted!

charliecat Fri 14-Jul-06 15:39:25

I have No answer. Only stressing because theres a 3 week deadline in the small writing and every day is one day closer to it

champs Fri 14-Jul-06 13:55:50

please contact MNHQ

charliecat Fri 14-Jul-06 11:04:32

anyone ?

charliecat Thu 13-Jul-06 21:16:25

any of you had anything yet?

charliecat Sun 09-Jul-06 20:49:13

Have any of the dvd winners heard anything yet?
<<<taps fingers after checking email daily>>>

charliecat Fri 07-Jul-06 10:12:38

my emails noticed the 3 weeks and forfeit the prize small writing bit!

charliecat Sun 02-Jul-06 10:43:03

I won So chuffed

champs Thu 29-Jun-06 01:22:35

the tv/dvd is soooo cute!!

tortoise Wed 28-Jun-06 23:29:40

I really really want this for dd1.She loves pooh bear!

champs Wed 28-Jun-06 23:28:47

Mumsnet and Winnie the Pooh are offering four lucky parents a chance to win The Best of Winnie The Pooh and Friends cd and sing-along dvd with one lucky winner receiving a Winnie the Pooh TV/DVD player as well. For details on how to enter, click here.

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