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Win a Fantastic Sail Boat Sandpit with Great Little Trading Company!! (12/06/06)

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champs Mon 12-Jun-06 20:16:54

To celebrate summer, the Great Little Trading Company are giving away a fantastic Sail Boat Sandpit to one lucky Mumsnet member. It even includes a cover to protect them from the sun's rays. For more information and to enter, please click here.

JJMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 16-Jun-06 09:14:30

Today's the last chance to enter this great comp - if you don't win, we have a free p&p offer that will help ease the blow (see the GLTC button at the top of the page).

Good luck!

Pruni Fri 16-Jun-06 09:16:29

Message withdrawn

champs Fri 16-Jun-06 13:39:49

what about a tip pruni?

spacecadet Fri 16-Jun-06 14:04:23

ive sent a resturaunt review

Pruni Fri 16-Jun-06 14:32:09

Message withdrawn

champs Fri 16-Jun-06 18:16:51

ta SC

lol pruni

Miaou Fri 16-Jun-06 18:19:20

I sent in a tip about threadworms (bleurgh)

TooTicky Fri 16-Jun-06 18:21:21

Does it matter how good your tip is? Obviously I wouldn't deliberately send a naff one!

spacecadet Fri 16-Jun-06 18:22:22

<<shudder>> between them and headlice, dopnt know whats worse!

alibubbles Sat 17-Jun-06 12:25:35

Oh my God, I can't believe I have won the sandpit.My mindioes will be so thrilled!

Thank you so much Mumsnet!!

champs Sat 17-Jun-06 13:15:07


i've just sent you your winners email.

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