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Win Thomas & Friends Tickets (05/06/06)

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champs Tue 06-Jun-06 02:12:58

The second comp gives you a chance to join the fat controller and troublesome trucks and win one of three Family Tickets to the venue of your choice. For details on how to enter, click here.

JJMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 09-Jun-06 13:13:41

Today's your last chance to enter this - good luck!

Fimbo Fri 09-Jun-06 13:17:29

Just entered - thank you for reminder!

gigglinggoblin Wed 28-Jun-06 14:31:00

hello champs, do you have any idea if i can buy extra tickets for this or who i would contact to find out? am asuming family means 2 adults, 2 kids but i will probably need one for ds3 aswell (he is 2). we wanted to go on 29th july to newcastle. thanks!

champs Wed 28-Jun-06 23:21:34

hiya!! i forwarded your details to the host, who should be contacting you soon, you can ask her about extra tickets etc. If you do not hear from her by next week please let me know

gigglinggoblin Thu 29-Jun-06 12:15:59

thank you!

gigglinggoblin Wed 12-Jul-06 21:29:21

hi, still no contact am fretting a bit cos its getting a bit late and we cant go if we dont get another ticket. ive already told the kids and they will be gutted if it falls through. am going to email you again to check you have the correct contact details as we have just moved house but that hasnt affected email address or phone so not sure if that could be it. thanks for passing it on for me

champs Fri 14-Jul-06 13:53:52

please contact MNHQ

hope you get all sorted soon

JJMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 16-Jul-06 16:27:32

Hi gigglinggoblin - we'll contact the host again. Very sorry about this!

gigglinggoblin Tue 18-Jul-06 20:52:55

thanks jj i have been worried as i have been off the net for a while so unable to check emails. nothing has arrived yet, will let you know when i hear

JJMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 19-Jul-06 13:35:52

Hi giggling,

Do you mean you can't access your emails? If this is the case, drop us a line at with your phone number.


gigglinggoblin Wed 19-Jul-06 21:27:01

have got the internet back now so no problem, i was getting worried while i didnt have it. thanks for helping

JJMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 20-Jul-06 13:55:55

Hiya, please let me know if you haven't heard anything now - if you don't have an email from the host, please send your phone number to us so she can contact you that way. Thanks!

gigglinggoblin Thu 20-Jul-06 20:44:56

email arrived today, thanks jj! website says there are still tickets so fingers crossed i can get one close by the seats we have been allocated.

and thank you thank you thank you, my boys are really mad on thomas and no way could we have afforded this, they are going to be so happy!

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