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ChefonBoard comp - Did I win?

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flibertygibbet Fri 10-Mar-06 20:21:10

I've just seen on the home page that I've won the Chefonboard competition
...but I haven't had an email or anything.
I also noticed that there's another flibertygibbet (spelled flibbertygibbet) so wanted to check it was me and not them.
Am I just being paranoid and the email is on it's way?

7up Fri 10-Mar-06 20:47:54

well done, wot is a chefonboard

7up Fri 10-Mar-06 20:49:55

oh durrr, ive just looked and its chef on board. thats a cool prize IF its yours, id email em to check

flibertygibbet Fri 10-Mar-06 20:53:41

Thanks 7up, I hope I have won.

I got really excited until I checked my email, then I felt a bit daft.

7up Fri 10-Mar-06 21:19:57

go on email em or youll be up all night checking for that email

flibertygibbet Fri 10-Mar-06 21:49:24

I've given in and mailed them, thanks.

You're right, I've been checking for that email all night

flibertygibbet Fri 10-Mar-06 22:05:15

I won, I won, I won!

7up Sat 11-Mar-06 10:05:31

yay well done! sounds like a lovely prize. enjoy it

Aero Sat 11-Mar-06 10:30:09

Yes - this is a yummy prize - the only one I've ever won on mn. Saves a few nights cooking. Enjoy.

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