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Win a makeover and photoshoot

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Geordieminx Mon 19-Dec-11 15:38:08

Why would you need to pay a "refundable deposit" if it's a competition? hmm

mummymccar Fri 25-Nov-11 15:38:06

Always worth a try wink

DreamsOfSteamingHotMincePies Fri 25-Nov-11 14:57:59

Good. The pampering was great when we went, I must say I that was the best I ever looked before and since!

Don't know if you will be able to do this but when we went, the photographer left the room a few times to let us change into different outfits and we took the opertunity to take a few snaps of our own! in the room with the good lighting and backgrounds they came out brilliant so we did get something out of it anyway! wink

mummymccar Fri 25-Nov-11 13:35:58

Thank you! The refundable deposit is only £30 on this and the comp includes a free photo so should be ok. It's through a reputable company too so should be better than any of those ones where they pick you up On the street.
The pampering sounds good too wink

DreamsOfSteamingHotMincePies Fri 25-Nov-11 12:26:59

be careful though. My friend won one and so we went, it was great, then they try REALLY hard to pressure you into buying the photos. when the chap is tapping away on his calculator and mentioning figures of thousends of pounds I was shock my friend ended getting 4 shots for the deposit of £100 she had paid (suposedly refundable to ensure we turned up to the session, I didn't know she had done this otherwise I have told her not to)

I don't want to scare you out of it just be prepared not to let yourself get ripped off sad

mummymccar Fri 25-Nov-11 12:19:26

A small fashion blog that I read has just posted a competition on their website to win a makeover & photoshoot for you and a friend.
Seems to be really easy to enter, just leave name & email and describe your ultimate day.
I don't think they have too many readers either so there's a good chance of winning this one!
I'm off to think about my answer...

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