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Four night Italian holiday in April up for grabs!

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JJMumsnettlewine Tue 13-Dec-05 20:52:13

Virgin Books has asked mumsnet to conduct a survey about your family's eating habits. Fill in the survey for the chance to win an idyllic four night break at the Masseria Don Sante for a family of four with half-board in a mini apartment (one bedroom, bathroom and living room with kitchen corner) with three hours free childcare (a holiday worth £1138) to be taken between the 1st and the 19th of April. Click here for more information and terms and conditions.

oliveoil Thu 09-Feb-06 09:55:15

ahem <small cough>

I know you have all been busy giving birth and I am sure that you are worrying about my holiday as well as your newborns....but I haven't heard anything yet from this company and need to sort out time off etc (and flights grumble moan moan).

Can someone give them a nudge in my direction please?

Thank you!

<slinks off quietly>

champs Thu 12-Jan-06 17:40:40

hiya, pc has been down. sent your confirmation email just now, congrats

oliveoil Thu 12-Jan-06 09:53:41

er, when will I be contacted? And by whom, Mumsnet or this company?

I am off work after today till next Tuesday and don't want to miss out.

>not that I can find any flights, mumble mumble, ungrateful cow, moan groan<

oliveoil Tue 10-Jan-06 11:14:37

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



ssd Tue 10-Jan-06 11:13:33

wow OO!!

am v. jealous, don't fancy swapping for a week in Whitby do you??

cod Fri 06-Jan-06 19:44:48

Message withdrawn

roisin Fri 06-Jan-06 19:43:45

Congratulations OO! Have a fab time

AuntyQuated Fri 06-Jan-06 19:41:51

congratulations OliveOil...have a fantastic time!

whispers---I see what you mean Roisin.

flutterbee Fri 06-Jan-06 19:33:46

Wow OO what a prize, wish I had seen this sooner.

soapbox Fri 06-Jan-06 19:30:20

Woooow!! Well done OO! Hope you have a fantastic time!

JJmumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 06-Jan-06 19:27:46

Sorry - phone call.

The five Family GI books go to:


and oliveoil has won the grand prize Italian holiday. Winners will be contacted soon.

JJmumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 06-Jan-06 19:02:58

Sorry for the delay. Yes, the winners of the survey competition have been chosen!

roisin Fri 06-Jan-06 19:01:21

AQ no the misery comes later when we realise we haven't won! Until the announcement comes we can carry on dreaming that we might have won

AuntyQuated Fri 06-Jan-06 18:42:24

put us out of our misery

Mo2 Fri 06-Jan-06 14:02:20

And..... ????


AuntyQuated Wed 04-Jan-06 08:59:23

what happened about this?

did you get the 1000 they wanted?

Mo2 Tue 03-Jan-06 20:44:17

so who won this then??

Mistletoo Fri 23-Dec-05 19:15:13

me to


ChunkerXmasCake Fri 23-Dec-05 19:14:26

Done it

roisin Fri 23-Dec-05 19:06:20

Have you got your 1000 entries Justine?

Enideepmidwinter Wed 21-Dec-05 10:14:36

have done it ...then realised I will be too pg to fly

OComeOliveFaithfOil Wed 21-Dec-05 10:11:38


MarsyChristmas Wed 21-Dec-05 10:10:54

agin with the discrimination against larger families. There are 7 of us.

Come on Justine.... fly the flag for us families with more than 2.5 kids please?

littlechristmaself Wed 21-Dec-05 09:47:42

me done it too good luck to everyone

JJMumsnettlewine Wed 21-Dec-05 09:43:25

Hiya, sorry - posted and ran last week (well, posted and went to bed..).

To answer the questions :
- I'm doing well, thanks LIZS! Found a fab job where people don't mind if I mn at work (hee hee)
- myturn, I don't know why they're always for 4, sorry - probably room size.
- hunker,
- Hula, it's during our spring break and I'm sure someone would love for you to take her child away for a few days over school hols, but you can stick with three if you'd like.
- Passionflower, I think the kids are in one room and the parents in the bedroom (or vice versa)
- SantaFrau - open to all!
- MrsDoes, just once and no, you don't have to take the kids if you'd rather not
- jane313 - there's 5 Family GI books as prizes also, so you might get lucky!
- pindy, start packing anytime, but remember that packed bags are no guarantee of winning

Wish I could win....

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