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Four night Italian holiday in April up for grabs!

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JJMumsnettlewine Tue 13-Dec-05 20:52:13

Virgin Books has asked mumsnet to conduct a survey about your family's eating habits. Fill in the survey for the chance to win an idyllic four night break at the Masseria Don Sante for a family of four with half-board in a mini apartment (one bedroom, bathroom and living room with kitchen corner) with three hours free childcare (a holiday worth £1138) to be taken between the 1st and the 19th of April. Click here for more information and terms and conditions.

LIZS Tue 13-Dec-05 20:58:38

Oooh like the sound of that one ! Done !!

(btw hi JJ , how are you doing ?)

myturn Tue 13-Dec-05 21:01:57

Done it. Why are these things always for a family of four??? There are six of us...

hunkermunker Tue 13-Dec-05 21:03:25

How is it idyllic if you have to take the kids with you? [puzzled]

Hulababy Tue 13-Dec-05 21:04:35

Is it available in half term

feastofsteven Tue 13-Dec-05 21:05:02

Done! Fingers crossed...

Hulababy Tue 13-Dec-05 21:06:10

Done my too. Only 3 of us though - do I have to take another child?!

Passionflowerinapeartree Tue 13-Dec-05 21:34:08

Errr, where do the children sleep? One bedroom?

SantaClausFrau Tue 13-Dec-05 21:34:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JustineMumsnettlewine Mon 19-Dec-05 12:13:29

Please, please fill this one in if you haven't already - it's a great prize and we are still a way off the 1000 responses we need.
Many many thanks
Mumsnet Towers

MrsDoesChristmas Mon 19-Dec-05 12:19:35

Oaky, I have done. I would desperately love a break like this, how many times could I enter?
Would I have to take the children? Couldn't I try and offload them beforehand?

jane313 Mon 19-Dec-05 12:23:50

darn. I just bought a Gi book and this one seems to be more of what I need

suedonim Mon 19-Dec-05 12:35:49


Misspiggy Mon 19-Dec-05 12:41:33

All done! I've got everything crossed now

pindy Mon 19-Dec-05 12:43:08

All done - when can I start packing?

JJMumsnettlewine Wed 21-Dec-05 09:43:25

Hiya, sorry - posted and ran last week (well, posted and went to bed..).

To answer the questions :
- I'm doing well, thanks LIZS! Found a fab job where people don't mind if I mn at work (hee hee)
- myturn, I don't know why they're always for 4, sorry - probably room size.
- hunker,
- Hula, it's during our spring break and I'm sure someone would love for you to take her child away for a few days over school hols, but you can stick with three if you'd like.
- Passionflower, I think the kids are in one room and the parents in the bedroom (or vice versa)
- SantaFrau - open to all!
- MrsDoes, just once and no, you don't have to take the kids if you'd rather not
- jane313 - there's 5 Family GI books as prizes also, so you might get lucky!
- pindy, start packing anytime, but remember that packed bags are no guarantee of winning

Wish I could win....

littlechristmaself Wed 21-Dec-05 09:47:42

me done it too good luck to everyone

MarsyChristmas Wed 21-Dec-05 10:10:54

agin with the discrimination against larger families. There are 7 of us.

Come on Justine.... fly the flag for us families with more than 2.5 kids please?

OComeOliveFaithfOil Wed 21-Dec-05 10:11:38


Enideepmidwinter Wed 21-Dec-05 10:14:36

have done it ...then realised I will be too pg to fly

roisin Fri 23-Dec-05 19:06:20

Have you got your 1000 entries Justine?

ChunkerXmasCake Fri 23-Dec-05 19:14:26

Done it

Mistletoo Fri 23-Dec-05 19:15:13

me to


Mo2 Tue 03-Jan-06 20:44:17

so who won this then??

AuntyQuated Wed 04-Jan-06 08:59:23

what happened about this?

did you get the 1000 they wanted?

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