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win a pack of fabulous Christmas dvds and star winner gets a dvd player too!!

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CompsManager Mon 05-Dec-05 22:49:25

This week we've teamed up with Paramount to offer three mumsnetters the chance to win a pack of fabulous Christmas dvds for kids, with one lucky winner receiving the pack and a dvd player to play them on! For more details click here

SnowQueenVictoria Mon 05-Dec-05 23:01:44

Have sent in a parenting tip

Pixiefish Mon 05-Dec-05 23:03:21

done and bumping

ChampsOnIce Mon 12-Dec-05 18:53:39

congrats to merrymarchhare who is the star winner,
and to horace, cezza28 and Lakota who are runners' up

merrymarchhare Thu 15-Dec-05 15:24:22

He heeee .

ChampsOnIce Sat 17-Dec-05 15:12:57

merrymarchhare Thu 22-Dec-05 14:33:52

So, will I be watching the Christmas DVDs next Christmas?

madmarchhare Thu 05-Jan-06 15:19:43

Coo eeeeeeee, anyone there?

madmarchhare Wed 18-Jan-06 12:14:22

Dont want to bang on but DSs uncessant requests for 'Christmas DVDs mummy mummy mummy, christmas soon, mummy mummy mummy' is just starting to grate.

Any ideas?

Janh Wed 18-Jan-06 12:24:31

mmh, have you tried emailing mumsnet?

You have been waiting patiently a long time

madmarchhare Wed 18-Jan-06 12:30:42

No, I didnt want to seem too deperate . I suppose I should though.

champs Wed 18-Jan-06 17:20:24

bah!! will chase for you!!

madmarchhare Thu 19-Jan-06 13:53:21

, thank you.

madmarchhare Wed 01-Feb-06 15:48:56

Any news Champs?

champs Mon 06-Feb-06 18:49:28


am getting the run around at the moment so sorry it's taken so long for your prizes to be sent. phoning them tomo and will let you know.

madmarchhare Fri 10-Feb-06 10:18:33

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Have received a lovely shiny fancy dvd player and loads of dvds (some of them not christmas ones, yey ) this morning with the added bonus of nice delivery man. Thank you again.

JanH Fri 10-Feb-06 10:23:31

Oh hooray!!!

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