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win a canvas seven night self-catering break

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champs Thu 01-Dec-05 13:42:25

You could win a seven night self-catering break with leading mobile home and camping operator, Canvas Holidays, to a choice of more than 100 campsites across nine European countries. Choose accommodation in a spacious Maxi Tent or from a range of mobile homes featuring all mod cons - some even have a dishwasher and air-conditioning as standard. here

MerryWays Thu 01-Dec-05 21:30:10

Good prize if no kids at school - can't be taken in Summer hols

charlietherednosedpussy Thu 01-Dec-05 21:30:51

Shhhhhhh ;) I wanna win this

champs Fri 02-Dec-05 15:35:35


Blandmum Fri 02-Dec-05 15:36:39

Didn't know that it can't be taken in the school hols

champs Fri 02-Dec-05 15:42:20

tis in the terms and conditions (1.)

Terms and conditions

1. The first correct entry drawn will win a 7 night self-catering holiday in a Maxi tent or mobile home to be taken on or before 23 June or after 1 September 2006 (to a maximum value of £400).
2. The prize includes accommodation for a family of two adults and up to four children at any campsite plus a return ferry crossing from Dover to Calais for a car and passengers.
3. There is no cash alternative, the prize is not transferable and is subject to availability.
4. Personal Holiday Insurance is not included in the prize, but is an essential requirement of this holiday.
5. The prize does not include hotels or theme parks.
6. Canvas Holidays cannot be held responsible if for reasons beyond their control this competition has to be partially or totally modified, postponed or cancelled.
7. The competition is open to adults aged 18 or over.
8. The judge's decision is final.
9. Entry to the competition implies full and unconditional acceptance of these rules.

serenitysaysHoHoHo Fri 02-Dec-05 16:12:28

There's always the summer half term, but don't enter as I want to win it!

champs Sat 03-Dec-05 22:15:14


charlietherednosedpussy Sat 03-Dec-05 23:07:28

can you all stop bumping this

ChampsOnIce Sun 04-Dec-05 00:42:49


bluebear Sun 04-Dec-05 22:19:19

That survey is so badly written! You are almost forced into saying you have a problem with your child's eating habits - in some questions there are no other options. Crazy.

Whoops - sorry CharlieTRNP

serenitysaysHoHoHo Mon 05-Dec-05 13:44:50

just lie

roisin Thu 15-Dec-05 02:39:05

Has the winner of this one been announced?

roisin Fri 06-Jan-06 19:48:12

Who won this one then?

MarsLady Fri 06-Jan-06 20:15:53

and once again I have far too many children for a holiday comp. Bah humbug....

Who wants one or three? (of my kids I mean!!)

JJmumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 06-Jan-06 20:41:31

Hiya - winner for this comp will be announced on Monday!

Yorkiegirl Fri 06-Jan-06 20:42:24

Message withdrawn

jambuttie Fri 06-Jan-06 21:34:12

done it too fingers crossed that 2006 will allow me to win somethibg

MadameButterfly Fri 06-Jan-06 22:02:31

I have entered. I put down that I did not have a problem with DD's eating as she is willing to try most things

AuntyQuated Sat 07-Jan-06 09:20:42

you need an understanding head YG

AuntyQuated Mon 09-Jan-06 15:56:13

who won? any news?

JJmumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 09-Jan-06 17:16:53

And the winner is .... Rennie!

Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey.

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