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win a LIKEaBIKE Badger! 28/11/05

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champs Thu 01-Dec-05 13:37:31

We've teamed up with LIKEaBIKE to offer two Mumsnetters the chance to win LIKEaBIKE Badgers worth £140 each. The LIKEaBIKE is a unique walking bike for children between the ages of two and five. To enter click here.

Nome Mon 05-Dec-05 17:56:03

I won, I won, I won....(very exciting, I never win anything!!!)

Do I have to do anything now? Or do Ijust wait for it to turn up?

CompsManager Mon 05-Dec-05 22:15:42

lol Nome!! congrats!! and to you to chalkie

i have sent your emails

Nome Tue 03-Jan-06 10:33:17

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It arrived in time to be stashed under the Christmas and ds is very pleased to have a 'bike' of his own.

ChampsOnIce Tue 03-Jan-06 18:23:39

ah, glad it arrived in time, enjoy

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