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Casting kit!

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Darciesmum Sun 20-Nov-05 17:22:08


Just wondering if any news on the casting kits as
would love it before xmas?


champs Mon 21-Nov-05 18:51:57

I'll send your details off and send the others when they contact me. It would be nice for you to get it before Christmas and it's unfair that you have to wait.

Darciesmum Mon 21-Nov-05 20:17:25

Hi Champs

Thanx, i received it today by late delivery,

Will be trying it out soon.

Thanx Again.

champs Tue 22-Nov-05 14:34:36

ahhhh which means i sent your details off already too efficient for my own self LOL!!

I keep doing that latly, doing something but not realising i've already done it, so go to do it and then realising it's been done.....

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