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test the nation DVDs up for grabs (14/11/05)

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champs Wed 16-Nov-05 00:21:59

You can win one of four Test the Nation DVDs (one lucky winner receives a Pioneer Hard Disk Recorder as well) and play the popular game at home with friends and family. Click here for info

RTKangaMummy Tue 29-Nov-05 12:16:39

Please could you tell us who won?

champs Thu 01-Dec-05 13:30:31

skinnycow won star prize,
superminx,Rosalind and roxi won runer up prizes

cranberryjampots Fri 23-Dec-05 00:38:47

hi champs - just wondered when the prize might be arriving? I did email you a couple of weeks ago but if your inbox is like mine its possible it went straight to "junk". Would be grateful if you could let me know the model number too as dh is changing tv and needs to know

Many thanks

ChampsOnIce Sat 24-Dec-05 01:22:53

sorry i didn't get back to you, will let you know tomo.

cranberryjampots Sat 14-Jan-06 00:15:05

Champs - just wondering if you did manage to find anything out for me? [hopeful emoticon]

champs Sat 14-Jan-06 00:52:55

bah!!! soooo sory i didn't get back to you, pc played up as was my brain!!

I have been chasing this host since before Christmas. Will chase again.

cranberryjampots Fri 27-Jan-06 19:22:21

any news yet Champs? Would you like me to chase??

jampots Thu 02-Feb-06 11:49:53

bumpity bump

champs Sat 04-Feb-06 14:56:32

have emailed them over and over again

I'll try calling them on monday

sorry this is a nightmare, you should of had them ages ago!!

champs Sat 04-Feb-06 14:56:56

was aimed at them not you!!

jampots Thu 09-Feb-06 22:20:12

weekly bump !

jampots Wed 10-May-06 11:18:33

Hi Champs !!! Any news?

jampots Wed 10-May-06 19:32:44


champs Fri 12-May-06 19:21:56

jampots, posted in other thread just now. MNHQ are on the job. what a nightmare.
krishna had promised this was sorted.

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