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Competitions - how many does Olive have to enter to win, place your bets now.

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oliveoil Tue 08-Nov-05 09:45:58





I wanted the barbie stuff and loads of other things.

Do you take bribes?

CompsManager Wed 16-Nov-05 00:06:25

lololol of course not...... wat u got?

MarsLady Wed 16-Nov-05 00:19:07

not just you olive. Been trying to win the Chef comps for ages. Bah humbug!!!!!!!!!

roisin Fri 06-Jan-06 19:46:44

Oliveoil - you've hit the jackpot this time though! I think the holiday makes up for all the rest!


RTKangaMummy Fri 06-Jan-06 20:12:22

deffo brill OO

WideWebWitch Sat 07-Jan-06 11:44:51

oliveoil, congrats on winning the holiday, wow!

WideWebWitch Sat 07-Jan-06 11:45:18

why's the formatting weird on this thread?

zephyrcat Sat 07-Jan-06 11:45:45

ooh it's gone all centred

puff Sat 07-Jan-06 11:46:36

ooh well done olive!!!

Yes, the text is centred - weird huh

WideWebWitch Sat 07-Jan-06 11:46:45

it's same on all threads ,most disconcerting.

zephyrcat Sat 07-Jan-06 11:47:39

Do you think Tech is bored so is playing around??!

I want to win a comp too.... I've entered loads, I'm running out of reviews now!!

katierocket Sat 07-Jan-06 12:19:16

for some reason I am absurdly pleased that a regular Mumsnetter has won this one.

Thomcat Sun 08-Jan-06 12:56:50

Ohhhhh, just noticed that you won the holiday Oliveoil, so pleased for you. So nice to see a name I really recognise win such a great prize.

Enid Sun 08-Jan-06 12:58:47

I'll swap you the barbie for he holiday

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