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Disney comp

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kerry3784 Fri 06-May-11 07:09:20

Hya everyone does anyone no if the finalist of the baby face for Disney has been chosen xxx

emjw123 Fri 06-May-11 09:14:05

i was looking too nothing found yet xxx

rosie89 Fri 06-May-11 10:12:23

has anyone found them yet? i keep trying to find the page but it says its not there?

Daintydolly Fri 06-May-11 10:14:25

ive been looking everywhere for it 2, must be updating it, perhaps.

rosie89 Fri 06-May-11 10:15:18

maybe, i didnt get a phone call sad(

Daintydolly Fri 06-May-11 10:17:03

me neitha, sumin wrong with them.

hampoochi Fri 06-May-11 10:19:08

The page is live now - this is the link

rosie89 Fri 06-May-11 10:19:37

yep lol!! if u find the finalists will u let me know please?

Daintydolly Fri 06-May-11 10:21:54

yeah course.

hollytaylor3000 Fri 06-May-11 10:45:54

has anyone found the page as ive also been looking for ages lol

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 06-May-11 10:48:16

Hello. Yes, the finalists have been chosen and voting is now open - take a look here

cherieprainer Sun 08-May-11 13:31:11

face of disney store competition
Please vote for: Splishy Splashy Fun
Im her Mum smile

Just for voteing you get 10% off at the disney store

To vote go to the right of the page under mumnet latest
Thankyou in advance smile

tinytina1987 Mon 09-May-11 20:10:43

Please vote for my beautiful niece, "first kiss". We are all so proud of her and would really appreciate your help thank you so much!!

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