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Win a Fifi and the flowertots prize pack

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CompsManager Thu 03-Nov-05 12:56:17

For our latest competition, mumsnet, HarperCollins Children's Books and 2 Entertain are offering four lucky winners a selection of Fifi and the Flowertots books as well as a Fifi DVD. For information on how to enter, click here

cod Thu 03-Nov-05 12:56:45

Message withdrawn

champs Thu 03-Nov-05 12:57:15


ParisMum Thu 03-Nov-05 13:09:22

ok, I'm extremely dense but I have a question regarding competitions in general. If I send in a product review am I automatically entered into the comp?? Or do I have to do something else as well??? help????

champs Thu 03-Nov-05 14:01:47

hiya! if you send in a product review for a catagory that is an entry requirement that particular week then you will be entered into that weeks competition automatically.

gscrym Thu 03-Nov-05 14:14:17

Does a book review count for this months?

hunkermunker Thu 03-Nov-05 14:18:02

DS would absolutely love this. He's a Fifi fiend. I plan to tease him about this when he's older

champs Thu 03-Nov-05 14:38:39

gscrym -- yep <<how are you btw??>>

hunkermunker -- lol, i have some teasing material stacked in mind for my ds's too lolol

hunkermunker Thu 03-Nov-05 14:51:26

He positively yodels with delight when this prog is on

cod Thu 03-Nov-05 14:51:53

Message withdrawn

gscrym Thu 03-Nov-05 15:15:08

I'm great Champs, hope you are well yourself.

champs Thu 03-Nov-05 23:52:16


lol cod

am doing well thanks gscrym

ParisMum Fri 04-Nov-05 13:09:57

champs, I sent a review in for a baby sling - does this count??

champs Fri 04-Nov-05 13:50:23


flamesparrow Sat 05-Nov-05 19:26:19

I wanted to win soooooo much!

Think I should have done about 50 reviews...

champs Sun 06-Nov-05 03:07:21

hunkermunker Mon 07-Nov-05 23:11:28

DS will be SO happy!

DH pouted and said, "Huh, so you'll be DS's favourite now" I mean, like, as if I wasn't!

champs Tue 08-Nov-05 14:11:31

lolol!! sending emails now

hunkermunker Tue 08-Nov-05 14:13:08

hunkermunker Wed 09-Nov-05 13:48:28

Hiya Champs, haven't had an email yet?

champs Wed 09-Nov-05 14:46:38

bah!! so sorry - baby brain!!!!! will send before 6pm, off on school run now.

hunkermunker Wed 09-Nov-05 14:49:47

Don't worry! That's fine! Thank you! Just didn't want it to have vanished into the ether somewhere

champs Fri 11-Nov-05 01:04:54

hee hee!! I have recieved yours and will let you know when I send your details off, just waiting for others to contact me too.

hunkermunker Mon 14-Nov-05 14:27:58

Thanks, Champs

hunkermunker Mon 28-Nov-05 17:21:37

NOT hassling or anything, honestly, just wondering when this is likely to arrive? DS now refers to Fifi as Fufu and is still utterly besotted He asks to watch "Fufu" as soon as he wakes up in the mornings!

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