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I won!

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marne Sat 29-Oct-05 09:46:26

The barbie comp, never won anything in my life. DD will be so pleased. What do i do next will mn contact me by email?

WitchyWhizzz Sat 29-Oct-05 09:50:50

Well done - yes I got an email when I actually managed to win a comp.

Aimsmum Sat 29-Oct-05 19:49:12

Message withdrawn

littlerach Mon 31-Oct-05 14:09:55

And me!!!!

DD1 wants to know why I am so excited, but daren't tell her!!!!!

Thank you MN>xx

Enid Mon 31-Oct-05 14:10:38

did oliveoil not win ?

Aimsmum Wed 02-Nov-05 16:39:37

Message withdrawn

champs Thu 03-Nov-05 00:20:57

congrats all !!

aimsmum -- hope dd enjoys!

HuggyBear Thu 03-Nov-05 00:40:16

I dont even know where the competitions are

essbee Thu 03-Nov-05 00:48:12

Message withdrawn

champs Thu 03-Nov-05 12:53:21

Huggy, they are on the homepage and also posted in the competition board

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