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I have a MAJOR problem with this month's competitions.

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AtYourCervix Thu 03-Mar-11 15:56:25

1. I can't recommend MN to any friends. I am hidden here and do not want to be spotted by anyone I know.

2. I am shite at childrearing, parenting and housework so have no useful tips.

3. I can't cook so can't offer any recipes.

I am feeling very sad that I can't enter any of this months competitions. Not that I ever win anyway but I'd lke to at least try.

whomovedmychocolate Thu 03-Mar-11 15:59:51

Whingey whingey whingey wink

(Please check PMs)

whomovedmychocolate Thu 03-Mar-11 16:00:19

You could always recommend your Health Visitor if you have one, let's face it, most of them need all the help they can get

TrillianAstra Thu 03-Mar-11 16:04:17

Oooh, competitions, maybe I can win something.

I agree with point #1 but I think that's probably my problem and not MN's!

ChickensHaveNoEyebrows Thu 03-Mar-11 16:04:53

I'm the same. I'm not giving out other peoples details, I don't have a daughter and all of my recipes are stolen from other people <heavy sigh>

AtYourCervix Thu 03-Mar-11 16:04:55

it's not even bloody working. get a weirdy 'sevelet' thingy.

TrillianAstra Thu 03-Mar-11 16:10:37

Actually there's not a place to fill in MY details on the 'recommend a friend' bit.

What does it say?

Does it say "TrillianAstra thinks you would like to try MN..."
or just "Someone thinks you would like to try MN..."

starfishmummy Thu 03-Mar-11 16:11:33

Me too!

BillBrysonsRucksack Thu 03-Mar-11 16:30:57

I'm not very happy about giving out someone elses email address either, but that's beside the point as the link doesn't work.

Indith Thu 03-Mar-11 18:23:31

I agree, I thought it was great when the competitions went over to questions, it was so much better than haivng to add tip after tip after tip or review a holiday (what holidays,we don't have money to go on holidays!) but this month it is back to tips and recs and I agree with others, I am not giving out details of my friends. It is their choice if they want to join or not, some know I post here, others don't but I am not typing their personal e0-mail address into a website without their permission.

snice Thu 03-Mar-11 22:30:11

And it means that people (including me I hasten to add) just post any old shit in the tips/recipes in order to enter the competitions.
I've been here for years-anything useful I had to contribute I probably offered up ages ago or has already been said by someone else!

Habbibu Thu 03-Mar-11 22:49:56

Quite tempted in the Kingsmill competition to offer the tip of "Get dads to get kids to eat seeds in bread. "Mums" don't care". I'm sick of all the "Mums know" shit, as if fathers breeze in and out like Darren in Bewitched.

BeerTricksPotter Thu 03-Mar-11 22:52:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bucksmum Fri 04-Mar-11 10:24:54

So to enter this months competetion do you need to reccomend a friend for each of the comps or does one reccomendation enter you for all of them?

Saltire Wed 09-Mar-11 10:15:54

bucksmum - for each competiton, or add a tip or set up a public profile.<I think>
I too preferred it when it was questions to answer, I like to keep my MN and RL seperate. I've not answered any this time round

jimswifein1964 Thu 10-Mar-11 13:37:03

Well, given that a) the questions were just a matter of going through the process and b)no-one has any new tips or wants to rec a friend etc, I think we should all just have to click on a button if we want to enter grin

edam Thu 17-Mar-11 16:15:18

How does MN HQ know which competition you want to enter, given most of them just ask you to recommend a friend?

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 17-Mar-11 16:30:03


How does MN HQ know which competition you want to enter, given most of them just ask you to recommend a friend?

Hello. RebeccaMumsnet (aka Queen of Comps) is not around at the mo to answer this properly but, basically, each How to Enter link is different - and when you click on it, we have Secret Gubbins <tech speak> that can track what you do and record which comp you've entered.

edam Thu 17-Mar-11 19:05:08

ooh secret gubbins. Sounds much more exciting than it probably is. I suppose I could just ask dh, who is actually a web editor. Although most of our conversations consist of 'God, had an awful day at work/Ruddy pilot light's out again, could you re-start it?/Did you remember to try the boiler?/Don't forget the boiler/DID YOU DO THE BOILER?/It's non-uniform day tomorrow/Your mother rang' and other items of similarly fascinating nature.

RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 17-Mar-11 19:24:10

Thank you HelenMumsnet (she's good, int she)

That is exactly right, we use specific tracking links for each competition so that we know who has entered, what they have entered and when.

edam, it does sound far more exciting than it actually is. grin

edam Thu 17-Mar-11 20:54:00

Right, well don't bother reading my recipe, it is not particularly Nigella-ish or impressive in any way. But it is THERE.

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