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I WON!!!!!!!!!

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Darciesmum Sat 15-Oct-05 18:20:11

I'm so excited i love the casting of babies feet i think they are great i can't wait to do Darcies when the packae arrives!

Thanks Mumsnet Team great prize!

Aimsmum Sat 15-Oct-05 18:27:31

Message withdrawn

Darciesmum Tue 25-Oct-05 20:05:33


any idea of when the casting kit will arrive?

champs Wed 26-Oct-05 21:36:46

did yu recieve your winner's email? and if so did you send your details??

Darciesmum Thu 27-Oct-05 08:15:57

HI champs

Yeah i got it and sent e-mail to last week sometime.

champs Thu 27-Oct-05 16:31:40

hi Darciesmum, so you did i'm waiting for two more winners to send their details so i can send them off at same time.

Darciesmum Thu 27-Oct-05 19:55:21

thanx Champs!

I can't wait to do it, all the mess and all the fun!

Darciesmum Sun 06-Nov-05 10:35:10


Any new on the casting kit?

champs Sun 06-Nov-05 22:37:42

hiya!! the other two still haven't contacted me, i'll send your details with the other winner off now as it's unfair for you to have to wait.

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