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Have you ever won a decent prize in a competition?

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krisskross Wed 09-Feb-11 16:53:29

on MN, or elsewhere?

I occasionally have flurries of activity entering competitions and never won anything ever! Should i continue entering??

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 15-Feb-11 19:10:01

grin at star letter in Bunty. How very MN.

fruitshootsandheaves Tue 15-Feb-11 19:12:36

I won a hamster cage on Swap Shop in 1981

CMOTdibbler Tue 15-Feb-11 19:16:14

I've won a few things on here - it's been really good smile. Am usually useless though

NonnoMum Tue 15-Feb-11 19:16:29

I've heard of a couple of big-ish lottery winners round here over the last few years.

But someone must will Millionaire Raffle every week (ever heard of them?) and the big MIllion on Premium bonds every month (ever heard of them)?

Own up - there's must be a v fortunate MNer somewhere out there??

Subway Tue 15-Feb-11 19:18:29

I won a short break last year on MN. I was chuffed to bits grin

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 16-Feb-11 09:34:15

Oh, and I once won a box of Mars Bars. Yum.

turnipvontrapp Thu 03-Mar-11 22:31:43

Used to win quite a lot of things, went to the world cup final, a few holidays abroad, wine, money, years membership to v posh gym, a bike and lots of other things.

All pre-kids as don't have the time now sad

GentleOtter Thu 03-Mar-11 22:38:08

Not me but my dad won a 'wall of wine' just before my ds1 was born.
Given that my mum ran a teetotal house and the wine was rank, it did not stop my ancient Aunty Lily coming to 'wet the baby's head' and staying until most of the wall had been drunk. By her.

KevinMcKiddsThighs Mon 21-Mar-11 11:43:37

I won a vacuum cleaner on here. I still get a bit giddy when I use it!

octopusinabox Mon 21-Mar-11 20:18:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

newbeemummy Tue 22-Mar-11 12:04:37

I won a box of vitamins many years ago when Blush magazine was still around.

WalterFlipsticks Tue 22-Mar-11 12:07:50

I never win anything where do people enter all these comps?
I did however once feature on Chris Moyles Car Park catchphrase and won an 'I Love Mum' cd just before mothers day! grin

Tigerbomb Sat 26-Mar-11 22:44:30

Last year I won a spa day at a posh hotel (I gave it to a friend) and then two weeks later won a weekend away at the Hilton in York (I kept that one).

I think I've had my quota now sad

UniS Sat 26-Mar-11 22:47:17

tickets to the Tennis masters on a web prize draw, that was a nice prize.

Assorted raffle prizes at quizs and fetes.

and just once- I won "guess teh weight of teh cake" It was very large but not terribly nice cake. lots of fondant icing and I have a very sweet tooth, so I ate most of it.

AlmightyCitrus Sat 26-Mar-11 22:58:19

I've won loads of stuff over the years. Quite a lot of money and loads of "stuff". I tend to avoid holiday competitions as it's difficult with 3 kids as they are usually for either 2 or 4 people. However, I entered one as I was hoping for one of the many runner-up prizes and won the main prize. A week in a very expensive, exotic 5 star hotel, flights and $2000 to spend.

Not a bad little hobby really!

thatgirlsevil Tue 12-Apr-11 13:07:22

Front row tickets and a 'meet and greet' with Will Young...stop looking at me like that blush...he's my guilty pleasure!

King of Kong DVD

An "In America" exclusive stills booklet signed (and sent personally to me) by Paddy Considine.

I'm still waiting on that big cash prize. <sigh>

StealthyKissBeartrayal Tue 12-Apr-11 13:10:12

I won £1000 on a radio phone in recently!

Jenjenw Thu 24-May-12 11:37:44

Of course. I increase my chances by entering as many as possible. Ive won books, pots and pans. 4 years ago I won £1000 smile

karen3w Mon 28-May-12 19:46:49

I won a dinner party on MN recently! I don't enter many competitions apart from on MN and never win anything, not even a tenner on the national lottery!

Bunnyjo Wed 06-Jun-12 21:37:43

Nearly posted on here on Thursday to say that, apart from £2 on a scratchcard, I've never won anything. But, I won the Smeg fridge on May's MN competition, which is a pretty awesome way to break my competition duck grin

My mum has won allsorts on scratchcards, the biggest being a £3000 holiday voucher for Thomas Cook, which she was allowed to add to. So 5 of us went to Cuba for 2 weeks, to a place we've been to a few times - twas bloody amazing!

chirpchirp Wed 01-Aug-12 22:06:57

Won a lot through Photobox's Facebook page including £3,000, 10 tickets to Alton towers, a kindle and loads of credit for their site for different photography comps. Never had any luck with just name in a hat type comps though.

lisad123 Wed 01-Aug-12 22:10:04

From MN I have won or Been given to try

Year of fairy liquid, months worth of cheese, £100 amazon voucher, £200 clothes voucher, bilbo game, camera, crisps.
Won local hamper at pet shop smile

JackJacksmummy Mon 20-Aug-12 19:33:06

I won drayton manor tix a few years ago on MN, had to give them away though because of something had come up and time was running out sad

Also won a Heinz baby hamper when youngest DS was a baby, can't remember where I entered from but was happy to receive that phone call!

caz456 Fri 07-Sep-12 12:23:32

I have been entering comps for about a year now and I have yet to win a thing. hmm

Cremolafoam Sat 15-Sep-12 00:57:29

In various comps
Yes I have won:
A years supply of crisps
£50 of Puresha toiletries
A mini cooper( paying for dds education as we sold it )
£100 amazon vouchers
£ 50 tesco vouchers
A cooker

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