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Have you ever won a decent prize in a competition?

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krisskross Wed 09-Feb-11 16:53:29

on MN, or elsewhere?

I occasionally have flurries of activity entering competitions and never won anything ever! Should i continue entering??

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 09-Feb-11 16:55:28

Which ones do you enter?

My friend is in a competition club and wins loads, I'm talking more than his annual income just in cash prizes.

Him and his partner do treat it like another job though.

And yes, we've had some wins too including a TV and a £1k guitar.

cakeywakey Wed 09-Feb-11 16:57:05

I won a pair of Monsters Inc slippers once. They were purple and blue monster feet - I thought that they were pretty decent at the time grin

travellingwilbury Wed 09-Feb-11 16:59:23

I won £1000 once in a hospital raffle grin

I go through phases of entering but if I haven't won anything within a week or two I get bored and give up .

krisskross Wed 09-Feb-11 16:59:37

slippers would do!!! I once got roped into buying National Trust raffle tickets and after hanbding over my fiver realised first prize was one of those sit on lawn mowers!!! We were in a two up two down terrace at time!

EngelbertFustianMcSlinkydog Wed 09-Feb-11 17:01:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

krisskross Wed 09-Feb-11 17:05:47

ooh engelbert you've encouraged me to carry on!

ruddynorah Wed 09-Feb-11 17:12:27

Yes I've won quite a lot on here. I always enter everything!

pugly Wed 09-Feb-11 17:12:53

Nothing on MN but loads on other competitions - Wii, TV, PS3, £1000, Luxury breaks etc.. as well as tons of small prizes

Keep going but you need to keep doing it, it's practically a full time job which is why I'm not doing it at the moment - no time!!

Teladi Wed 09-Feb-11 17:14:01

I just recently won £50 Amazon voucher in a competition on here. And I never win anything! I was so excited.

Wishing you luck with your competitive endeavours!

twirlymum Wed 09-Feb-11 17:14:50

I won £100 worth of Boots vouchers when DD was a baby. Very handy!

MaureenMLove Wed 09-Feb-11 17:16:08

Went to Zante for a week a few years back, thanks to MN!

izzybiz Wed 09-Feb-11 17:16:27

I won a £500 voucher at a charity ball, plus a night in a hotel.

We used the hotel night but the voucher is for, its all framed memorabilia, I cant see anything I want on there!
Someone will have an interesting present for Christmas this year!

sharbie Wed 09-Feb-11 17:18:47

a few years ago i entered a couple and won a portable tv for a 20p raffle ticket, also a cd player when they first came out and ds won a cd player and the top 20 cds on a cbbc comp.
we hardly ever enter anything so i am going to try and enter some on mn this year.

IvaNighSpare Wed 09-Feb-11 18:08:42

well over a couple of years....
£6000, holidays to Los Angeles, Florida and Ibiza, luxury trip to London, trip on the Orient Express, £2000 H&M vouchers, two widescreen tellies, ice-cream makers, year's supply of smoothies and countless DVDs etc. That's just the big stuff!
I started with loquax and then graduated to the magazines here
cost a small amount in suscription and stamps (and RSI of the tongue from envelope licking) but paid back in dividends.

go for it!!

QueenOfTheMadhouse Wed 09-Feb-11 18:12:30

I won a 100 pound voucher code for the Kickers website, used it to buy 1 pair of school shoes and a backpack for ds1 and a pair of Kickers boots and a pair of sandals for ds2 grin thats all i have won since being a child...when i won a denver the dino teddy in a Nickelodeon comp!

flippinggorgeous Wed 09-Feb-11 19:27:53

I want to win the wine!

KenDoddsDadsDog Thu 10-Feb-11 21:34:02

A honeymoon to the Dominican on Confetti.

OADCB Fri 11-Feb-11 16:51:26

A laptop on here! Am thinking of starting to enter more regularly

GabbyLoggon Fri 11-Feb-11 17:02:33

600 cans of beer and I am not a real drinker

LostArtOfKeepingASecret Fri 11-Feb-11 17:20:43

Not me, but my sister has won a car and loads of holidays. But she can't walk past a magazine without filling out the competitions.

I've won a hands free soap dispenser. Now everyone who comes to my house thinks I'm a neurotic fool.

piprabbit Fri 11-Feb-11 17:27:14

As a child I entered a newspaper competition to win tickets to see the new Popeye film at the cinema.
I got a a call to say I had won a prize - yeah!!
Then I had a call to say I had won a sunvisor - OK, not so good as tickets but I thought I'd get one of those hat things with a plasticky visor and as a 7yo was not unhappy.
When the prize arrived it was actually a sun visor for a car - the sort of thing that sticks to the top of the windscreen and says 'Kevin' and 'Sharon'...only this one said 'Popeye' and 'Olive Oyl'. I didn't drive and there was no way my dad was going to put the monstrosity in his car.

I haven't won anything since sad.

loonyrationalist Fri 11-Feb-11 17:35:12

I'd never ever won anything but won a kitchenaid in a MN comp grin . Still stands as my only success though

bitoffunsbumchum Fri 11-Feb-11 17:38:16

My dd's friend's dad won £100,000 on a spot the ball competition. Years ago. But I was so excited when I heard this!

ethelina Fri 11-Feb-11 17:40:36

£5 star letter prize in Bunty circa 1988 re how awful my school uniform was.

Nothing since then sad

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