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Panache Kids

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LouiseDel Sat 08-May-10 12:41:26

Just wondering if anyone else on here has used Panache Kids?

Their website is and they have a shop in Hoddesdon, Herts, UK.

I have used their website a few times now and really feel the need to recommend them.

They sell designer clothing for boys and girls aged birth-16 and also sell beautiful traditional footwear and clothing such as Mary Janes. The price in comparison to other shops is super too.

The service has been A* every time and compared to other websites, the delivery and customer service was fantastic.

I understand that they now have a facebook page too which I have seen promotional codes on for free delivery or 10% off.

Anyone else ever used them?

moaningminniewhingesagain Sat 08-May-10 12:44:56

Do you work for them? Just wondered as your only 2 posts this year are promoting them? hmm

Looks like a good variety of brands though. I'm more a Tu and George shopper TBHsmile

LouiseDel Sat 08-May-10 12:48:21

I don't work for them no. They were recommended to me by a friend and provided better service than I have received anywhere else even M&S and Next which are personal favourites

AliW68 Thu 19-Nov-15 14:22:27

Sadly I have to disagree with the claims that their service is A*. More D-, IMO. The leather boots I bought for my 31/2 year old DS wore through on the toe within just seven weeks and he largely wears them for preschool, a mere three hours a day. This hasn't come close to happening with his Startrite or Clarks shoes, even after a good six months' of wear. The company described the hole in the toe as "cosmetic" even though they will leak in wet weather and wrote: "Having inspected them, we can see that the hole on the toe is due to general wear and tear. These shoes are not in our school shoe section of our website as they are not suitable for everyday play wear, therefore we are unable to offer you a full refund." They offered me £15 on shoes that cost a whopping £50. I could understand their position if I'd ordered him satin party slippers (as if!) and let him play football in them, but they were sturdy-looking, plain leather boots. Boo!

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