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Funky Bright Baby Clothes?

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JillJill32 Wed 02-Dec-09 13:35:25

Does anyone know any brands that do funky bright coloured baby clothes that are NOT exclusively available pastel shades of blue, pink, white and yellow?

Specifically, I'm on the search for something cheery to buy for my new babe for the trip home from hospital, but generally I have an aversion to pink and am keen to find a good quality retailer that will do interesting good quality outfits over the years too.

allaboutme Wed 02-Dec-09 13:35:57


fruitsticksinyourstocking Wed 02-Dec-09 13:40:30

I have the same issue

Can't stand baby blue or boys in camouflage & denim!

Depends what your budget is.

The whole Nordic kids range is absolutely lovely but you'll need a second mortage, as with tobytiger, brights and stripes etc.

Next have some lovely bright colours in for boys at the moment - blue, red etc and they are cheaper.

There is a website that just does plain colourful vests etc but I can't remember it - someone will be along shortly who can smile

babyOcho Wed 02-Dec-09 13:45:39

polarn o pyret

JillJill32 Wed 02-Dec-09 14:31:20

Hi thanks, That's what I'm talking about!... the nordic kids and the polarn o pyret stuff is great!

The only prob now is the price - £30 for a babygro!? Still - maybe for the odd special occassion.

Will check out Next and H&M too once on mat leave - (their online sites are not v good.

Makipuppy Wed 02-Dec-09 14:33:51

these are lovely...

babyOcho Wed 02-Dec-09 14:36:31

If there is a polarn o pyret near you, they often have quite good stuff on sale.

We got loads in the sale for DD when she was really small. They are pretty good quality as well.

Plutothatpresentdown Wed 02-Dec-09 14:39:06

DS is kitted out in a mixture of hand me down and new P&P and Nordic stuff - it's really really good quality and even better when they get a bit older and don't grow so fast. You can't get P&P on line in the UK but they have a few shops. do similar stuff to Nordic and sometimes it's a bit cheaper.

H&M are good too.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Wed 02-Dec-09 14:40:27

always brilliant quality. The stock changes all the time too so have a look again in a few days,

La redoute and p.o.p are fab too.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Wed 02-Dec-09 14:42:38


and H&M , baby gap and Zara.

Makipuppy Wed 02-Dec-09 14:46:59

Green baby is the nicest cotton by far.

But if you want something bright this is very seasonal with some little tights...

accessorizequeen Wed 23-Dec-09 21:44:48

Toby Tiger, have a look on ebay. Lovely bright colours. 2nd H&M, gap (although I find ebay better for choice than the stores these days) and next catalogue as a lot of the stores just do blue & pink pastel stuff.

montmartre Wed 23-Dec-09 22:21:06

Rainbow babies- any colour you want.

happypants Tue 27-Jul-10 21:19:42

Have bought stuff from this, bright clothes., really cool clothes..I hate the plain blue and pink outfits.

They have a sale on at the moment - hoorah and also donate to charity which makes a nice change hope this helps?

Peckeroo Wed 03-Nov-10 17:27:53

if you want funky colour baby gro's i dont think you can do much better than here...

Bright babygros

Chardanna Wed 03-Nov-10 21:23:58

QualityQueen Sat 19-Mar-11 12:26:24 - online at last! Free P&P at the moment - quote FPP at checkout

tigermummy35 Tue 22-Mar-11 18:50:08

Pumpkin Patch is great, but again can be a bit pricey.

Sirzy Sun 10-Apr-11 20:17:58

Blue zoo at debenhams is great for brighter stuff!

DuelingFanjo Sun 10-Apr-11 20:28:28

these are cute. I've just bought a few pairs. I haven't received them yet but they seem really cool and lots of choice.

MrsFrog Wed 13-Apr-11 10:09:45

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PaulIan Wed 11-May-11 09:54:09

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Hollieinbloom Mon 06-Jun-11 19:41:43

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kieracc Tue 19-Jul-11 09:49:46

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MilkChic Fri 29-Jul-11 02:13:45

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