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Please find me dress & boots to get wed in!

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Thefearlessfreak Wed 11-Nov-09 20:55:38

Hurray! I'm getting married next month to my gorgeous man. It's a low key affair - just us and our witnesses & children at the registry office and then a pub lunch for us and friends afterwards.

I'd love to wear white or cream, or gold, silver maybe pale yellow in there somewhere. I really fancy cream/white boots maybe patent? I am not flashy and don't often wear a dress or skirt but I do like to look good. I just want a simple dress that won't look too odd in the pub afterwards! But I do love a bit of bling & I used to love a bit of fluff but I might be too old for that now! I'm blonde and a size 10 with tiny boobs! Legs ok - look ok with above the knee dresses. Not good in long dresses.

You lot usually come up with great ideas...can you help me?? Please!!

comewhinewithme Thu 12-Nov-09 12:28:17

Monsoon have some lovely stuff as do Coast at debenhams.

You could also try a personal shopper at a department store they are usually free and would find you something great.

Congratulations and good luck.

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