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Has anyone seen baby nighties? You know the ones with the elastic bottoms

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ButtercupWafflehead Mon 26-Oct-09 12:50:41 that they stay warm, but it makes for easy changing?

Any pointers would be appreciated!


Botbot Mon 26-Oct-09 12:51:24

I had some from Gap - a few years ago now though.

DorotheaPlentighoul Mon 26-Oct-09 12:53:00

Green Baby had 'em in 2007 ...

Miggsie Mon 26-Oct-09 12:55:11

I used the GReen Baby organic cotton ones.
I was really upset when DD grew out of them, they were FAB

TabithaWitches Mon 26-Oct-09 12:58:20

I saw them in John Lewis the other day.

Link here

Blackduck Mon 26-Oct-09 12:59:01

John Lewis - called a Baby bundler...

ButtercupWafflehead Mon 26-Oct-09 12:59:58

Ah, that's where I'm going wrong then - I didn't realise they are called "bundlers".

Thanks for the link and recommendations!

tethersend Mon 26-Oct-09 13:06:45

Or different colours here

treedeLivingDeadery Sat 31-Oct-09 14:22:59

I have 4 from the White Company that were used maybe 3 times each. Cat me if you want to see them wink

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