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any thoughts on knee high boots for toddler girl?

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Rones Sat 17-Oct-09 08:21:01

Just wondering if anyone has bought any of these for their dd? Just wondering if they're OK for them to walk in and not a pain....just hoping it's not a fashion thing... seen some really nice ones on ebay but don't want to buy just because they look nice!

All opinions welcomed.... thanks x

sarah293 Sat 17-Oct-09 08:52:25

Message withdrawn

Rones Sat 17-Oct-09 09:15:30

Basically just the same as average ankle boots (not wellies) but higher, to the knee. I'm not talking about those awful lether high boots (!) or anything sinister....they are made by m&s and just come up higher than the usual ankle boots

Lulumama Sat 17-Oct-09 09:18:22

DD has had some mid calf leather boots and they were comfy for her and did not look teenagerish IMO

lanismum Sat 17-Oct-09 10:06:04

My 2 year old has some hunter wellies which are really high on her (shrimp in height, yeti in shoe size) and they make her walk like a cat with smartie tubes on its legs............

Northernlurker Sat 17-Oct-09 10:12:30

My dd3 (2.5) has a pair from GAP that come up to the top of her calves. They are very, very soft though so she can bend in them. Please don't buy anything that's rigid leather but soft, pliable stuff should be ok - and they do look very,very cute!

we have quite a few pairs of boots, about wellie length for DDs, they are fine and keep legs very warm

Ewe Sun 18-Oct-09 10:54:36

My DD has these boots and she is a total shorty so they come up to her knees. They are very soft and comfortable though, she has no problems walking in them or anything.

Rones Mon 19-Oct-09 08:06:18

thanks all for comments!

Blottedcopybook Mon 19-Oct-09 09:07:37

I've just bought my daughter some lovely boots from Clarks, they're super comfy and she loves them. We live in Scotland and last Winter was pretty harsh so I wanted to be prepared and make sure she would be warm. I'm pretty happy with them although I think it's taking her a bit of adjustment because they don't flex as easily as shoes do.

I have a photo of her wearing them here on my blog if you want to see? They're not quite knee high.

lookitmyshoes Mon 19-Oct-09 13:35:24

I bought my little girl a pair of emu boots for her birthday. They're surprisingly hard wearing.

Rones I know what you mean. I'm horrified by some of the boots they're making for children today.

SpawnChorus Mon 19-Oct-09 13:45:11

DD (4) had these ones and they are lovely. We're in Scotland, and they have a snuggly sheepskin lining. They're easy to put on/take off (vitally important to check this before buying any boots/shoes unless you want to spend hours of your life scrabbling around at floor level getting hot and bothered). DD's had them for about a month, and they're still looking pretty much like new (she tends to test shoes to destruction!).

rebeccao29 Mon 19-Oct-09 16:11:25

DD has these... and she loves them as they smell like strawberrys!!

Rones Sun 25-Oct-09 16:55:08

Blotted - your dd looks so cute! however, the ones I was looking at were longer than your dd's...

I ended up buying some M&S ones from ebay but they're too small for my daughter after all that! I realise now it's probably not a good idea to buy on ebay without knowing the fit and didn't realise that M&S shoes tends to be smaller....

I have tried going around the shops to no avail so far apart from Clarks but they are so expensive and I'm looking for as a cheap a pair as I can really. My dd is a size 5.5 but would you recommend buying say a size 6 so that they last all through the winter until about March? I'm really not sure how fast her feet will grow but don't want to spend £34 to find that she needs the next size up in 1/2 months! But equally I don't want them to be unsuitable if they are half a size bigger than they should be ...

Does anyone know about the sizing of Adams shoes? I have found these online which look really nice and reasonably priced - I would have to get a size 6 though.


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