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Wedding clothes for DS & DD

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ScarlettCrossbones Mon 28-Sep-09 20:41:23

Having real problems finding what I want! All I want for DS (4) is a beige linen waistcoat over a white short-sleeved shirt (OK, the shirt won't be that difficult to find, I know) and long beige (matching) bermuda-type shorts. Nothing too formal, no silky waistcoats, cravats or anything like that. I might even just put him in sandals too. But I can't find the waistcoat & shorts anywhere and am getting so sick of googling! I'm pretty sure Next used to have it, but last year or the year before.

And for DD (2), I've got a lovely dark blue velvet dress (don't do pink in any shape or form!) but I can't find any nice spangly shoes that will go with it! Blue or turquoise would be good (but any other colour-matching suggestions welcome). Have been in and out of shops till my feet fell off and I've only got another 2 weeks to find something – heeeelp!


lulahrose Mon 28-Sep-09 20:56:41

Have you tried Monsoon? They're usually quite good for wedding outfits.

JanieF Thu 15-Oct-09 00:36:00

They're pricey, but these metallic flats at flora+henri would look beautiful with a dark blue velvet dress! Hope I'm not too late chiming in if you like them:

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