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DD 2.2 has huge really narrow feet - is there such a thing as a narrow wellie?

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SardineQueen Sat 26-Sep-09 13:24:04

She is a size 9E.

The last wellies I got her ended up breaking her toenails halfway down - I think due to her feet slopping around in them. The old 2 pairs of socks trick didn't cut it either.

Clarks suggested their goretex ones but they are £££ and she only needs them for jumping in puddles.

Apparently she is also into "junior" styles now rather than baby which means they come up even wider <sigh>

Any ideas so that my DD can emulate her idol and jump in muddy puddles like peppa pig?

TIA smile

hairtwiddler Sat 26-Sep-09 15:33:52

Something like these wellie liners?

SardineQueen Sat 26-Sep-09 15:46:44

Ooh they look good... Have bookmarked page. Thanks smile

Any other thoughts out there?

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