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Where can I buy slim fitting trousers for my 10yr old son?

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doran Sat 29-Aug-09 23:30:44

I am fed up with my son looking like a bag of old washing. I can get slim fit school trousers, but fail miserably to get him casual trousers that actually fit. M&S (etc) do adjustable waists, but I'm having to gather in over 3 inches.

Any ideas who sells trousers to fit a tall, slim lad.

Thanks a million.

happygoluckymum Sun 30-Aug-09 11:30:19

BHS do them, and Next. My son is 140 cm and 4 st 8 lb so I know what it's like!

BoysAreLikeDogs Sun 30-Aug-09 11:43:26

I get trousers from debenhams designers, ie conran/red herring that type of thing, but wait for the sales. The trend seems to be generally for wider fitting clothes hmm

happygoluckymum Sun 30-Aug-09 12:33:13

Yep Debenhams are slim waist but tend to be quite short so may need a size bigger.

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