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Spring/ Summer wardrobe for 10 year old

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minimammy Tue 13-Mar-18 18:37:44

So as it says I need to buy spring/ summer clothes for my 10 year old.
I'm kind of on a budget because we all need stuff for warmer weather, I'm a rubbish shopper and she doesn't really care what she wears.
Last summer she had t shirts and denim shirts and a couple of dresses. This year her pals are definitely more into clothes. Not that it totally
Any tips from the experts?

GraceLeeper Fri 20-Apr-18 09:57:23

Buying clothes for our daughter is one of the things I would like to do. I'm like dressing a doll! Anyway try to find boho dresses. It's on trend now and it fits for summer season. smile

minimammy Fri 20-Apr-18 18:39:14

Thank you👍🏻

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