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Baby's Shoes

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BabyMum17 Wed 15-Nov-17 09:26:35


I could really do with some help. My daughter’s godmother wants to buy my daughter some nike shoes for her 1st birthday in February. She wants to buy them before Christmas in case she then decides to give them to her for Christmas. Could anyone tell want shoe size are 1 year old girls roughly.


TeaBelle Wed 15-Nov-17 09:30:41

No way of knowing, you need to get her feet measured . They can grow very quickly too. Dd was a 4 I think

NannyR Wed 15-Nov-17 09:36:09

At that age you need to make sure that their shoes fit properly, not just guess at a size.

BastardTart Wed 15-Nov-17 09:36:47

You need to get her feet measured, but they can grow increasingly quickly so the size she is today may not be the size she is at Christmas.

Then to add to the complication different manufacturers shoe sizes differ slightly (so feet that are a startrite size 6 could be a 7 in Clark's)

heddbach Sun 26-Nov-17 11:25:12

I'm planning to buy my 14 month old twin nephews some shoes for Christmas and am wondering what is the best store/website to look at please? I am looking for good quality shoes (UK only) which will be easy for them to move about in now that they are walking. Thanks smile

carolhere Tue 28-Nov-17 17:43:08

It is best to get her feet measured or you can draw her feet on a paper and take so that you can match the size of the shoe with it.

dantdmistedious Tue 28-Nov-17 17:54:36

Mine got converse from their aunt for Christmas when they were 16months. They were a size 4.

I bloody loved those shoes!

There really is no way way of just guessing though.

FannyTheFlamingo Tue 28-Nov-17 18:03:17

At such a young age, I think it's recommended to get properly fitting shoes that are designed for babies' growing feet. Clarks and Hush Puppies do them and a website called Happy Little Soles.
My DD is 1 and her feet are 3.5 and 4. I spent £7 on her first shoes because she'll grow out of them in a few weeks.

heddbach Sat 02-Dec-17 09:26:21

Thanks for the info.

Fanny - where did you manage to find shoes at £7???

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