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Baby clothes brands

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mydailymailhell Wed 24-May-17 01:45:02

First time poster - hope I've put this on the right place!

Talk to me about your favourite baby clothes brands. I'm looking for quirky or unusual places to buy baby clothes, apart from the usual M&S, John Lewis, supermarkets and mainstream shops liked White Company, Mamas & Papas etc. Cheap and cheerful or designer - I'm interested to hear about all!

Blondie1984 Wed 24-May-17 02:23:11

I like JoJo Maman Bebe

HarryOHay Wed 24-May-17 02:26:58

Frugi, Kite, Piccalilly, Boden, JoJo all have great stuff x

Joinourclub Wed 24-May-17 02:35:32

Boots do some nice bright clothes. I like Zara too.

RaeSkywalker Wed 24-May-17 02:51:15


ImYourWomanJonSnow Wed 24-May-17 03:11:06

Mini Rodini
Polarn O Pyret
Stella McCartney

crumble82 Wed 24-May-17 03:18:43

I like mini Boden, and it lasts really well too. Next do good (cheap) basics as well.

ineedadream Wed 24-May-17 03:22:34

There was a post a couple of days ago which had lots of good ideas too.

user1497143776 Sun 11-Jun-17 02:30:02

Have you tried ?
Reasonably priced, free UK Shipping and very quirky, bright designs !

squoosh Sun 11-Jun-17 03:05:55

Google 'Scandi baby clothes' and you'll get all the nice jazzy (expensive) links. Boots do nice imitations of Scandinavian clothes at much lower prices.

ElfEars Sun 11-Jun-17 03:32:45

Fred and Noah.

flowerpower1097 Wed 05-Jul-17 13:57:37 ! they let you or your child design your own clothes for cheap too xx

Kimber2 Thu 13-Jul-17 14:37:02

hello Have you tried Osh Kosh ? It is a really great brand for kids. I just love the chic outfits there and affordable too. wink

harleyblue1 Wed 16-Aug-17 15:31:00

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

LegoCaltrops Wed 16-Aug-17 15:50:20

Spam, reported.

jomtm Mon 13-Nov-17 12:21:57

If you're looking for something a bit more bespoke than high street brands there are a lot of small businesses designing and print their own baby grows etc.

There used to be a great little company called 'Raspberry Blowers'. I think they sold through Amazon UK. smile

Try Jack & Ginger, same concept. Small batches of slogan and custom printed grows and t-shirts -

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