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Boys School Shoes!!

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kinsah Thu 02-Mar-17 21:24:14

Since starting school in September my son has gone through around 5 pairs of shoes!!...
So please can someone recommend me a pair of decent school shoes?
are there any 'scuff resistant' shoes that don't scuff within two weeks?!

Bicnod Thu 02-Mar-17 21:25:37

Mine both wore the Clarks stomposaurus black shoes in reception and year one, lasted really well.

Nanasueathome Thu 02-Mar-17 21:27:04

Have a look at start-rite

OhHolyFuck Thu 02-Mar-17 21:31:32

Weirdly after destroying most after a few weeks each, some matalan ones I got as a stop-gap til payday have held up the best
Of the more expensive ones though, Skechers have been good too

RozzlePops Thu 02-Mar-17 21:41:42

We are on the 3rd pair since September with the toes worn through. I have given up and bough £9 ASDA ones.

Waterlemon Thu 02-Mar-17 21:42:57

We go to an independent shoe shop that sells lots of European brands. They seem to hold up much better than clarks/start rite although I do find start rite OK with my 2 boys.

Current brands are petisil and ricosta but they've also had superfit. My boys are pretty active but not really into football which I think helps save their shoes. I also Polish their shoes regularly with a cream Polish

Waterlemon Thu 02-Mar-17 21:44:51

What style were they?? I try and buy a 1 piece upper. Anything that they've worn with a seam across the toes has been destroyed in weeks!

SansaClegane Thu 02-Mar-17 21:53:56

Clarks Stomposaurus or HushPuppies Lionfish. What's important is the rubber cap at the front, so they can't scuff as clearly the DC must be crawling everywhere at school.

bagpackbagpack Thu 02-Mar-17 22:00:04

DS is in preschool and he has a pair of red leather pumas. They are constantly on bikes and scooters (big free play envitomdnt) etc..

I know trainers are not technically allowed, but I would look for black shoe like ones, and colour any scuff marks with a marker pen!

bagpackbagpack Thu 02-Mar-17 22:01:59

Sorry omitted to say, they still look brand new after 3 months, and I have witnessed him multiple times dragging his toes on riding the bikes at school...

dannydyerismydad Thu 02-Mar-17 22:16:46

The boychild wears these

He's worn them since September and they are still in one piece, despite scooting to school most days and football every lunchbreak.

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