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Do smart comfy sandals have to look like you've borrowed them from your nan?

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missg00se Tue 28-Feb-17 22:01:47

First holiday since DD was born is looming. I've not been out of my Nike Airs since she was born (well once or twice, but reluctantly). However my beloved comfy trainers are unlikely to be suitable for the weather where we are going so I'm going to need to take a deep breath, get a pedicure and don some sandals.

However, on closer inspection of my current selection of sandals, they just won't do. They're all flimsy strappy thin-soled things and much as I think they look nice, I can't deal with aching feet and calves on top of a permanently sore back, lingering pelvic girdle pain, chafed nipples and stressing about leaky boobs showing in lightweight summer clothes confused (I have also been living in black jumpers in case I spring an inopportune leak). So I am going to have to get some more sensible footwear.

I want something flat or almost flat, secure enough that I won't lose one while wrangling a buggy onto a tram, and that I can wear all day in a city comfortably but that I can also wear out for dinner etc without feeling hugely underdressed (which I think rules fitflops out?). The kind of thing with a nice padded sole and plenty of arch support. Sigh. I'm 35. Not a spring chicken but not old enough for nan shoes quite just yet (I don't think!).

Anyone out there found the perfect pair of summer shoes? I'm beginning to think I might be as well going to visit my 85 year old grandmother and borrowing a pair of her orthopaedic shoes shock Maybe I'm just shopping in the wrong places!

RuthosMama Sat 15-Apr-17 14:59:48

How about Fit-flops I've heard people say they are the comfiest flip flops for walking all day

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