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Infant shoe sizes - confused!

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BuffyFanGirl Tue 21-Feb-17 10:32:07

So, DS (10mo) got his feet measured in clarks the other week. They didn't ask him to stand or anything, he sat on my lap and she put his foot on the gauge and said he's a 3.5G.

He has some Bobux size 3 and his toes are pretty much at the end. So obviously they are out. So he needs new shoes! He is walking well and likes to explore outside so needs shoes.

I just measured his feet and they are just under 12cm long from heel to end of big toe. Nike says to round up to nearest half cm so that would make it 12cm. Which makes him a 5.5! He can't have grown two whole sizes in 3 weeks, surely!?
I have some clarks in a 5G that he got as a present and there is atleast 2cms between toe and end of shoe! The shoe itself is 15cm long.
The nikes I bought him are a 5.5 and say 12cm and are huge on him! I'm so
Confused! How much room is meant to be at the end of the shoe?

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