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Rare night out - wardrobe?!?!

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Serenitymummy Sun 12-Feb-17 23:34:20

Please help me mumsnetters, I'm having an extremely rare night out with a mummy friend which will include dinner and (hopefully) a lot of drinking. I don't do nights out like this and haven't for about ten years, what do I wear?! I was thinking a nice top with jeans (legs toochunky for skinnier so I generally wear flared/bootlegging style) but will I look like I'm going out ten years ago?!

Somebody PLEASE point me in the right direction!!! My friend is pretty and skinnier than me I don't want to go out looking like her charity case!!!!

Serenitymummy Sun 12-Feb-17 23:36:01

*skinnies, and bootleggy, bloody autocorrect!

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