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do we need a coat?

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odincrannage Sun 05-Feb-17 18:48:28

hi all, first time dad (almost) wife is 33 wks now.

random question and apologies for asking it, but do we need coats for our impending little one? i only ask as im aware of the plus one layer to what we have rule of thumb, but we are thinking more when in pram etc.

for our pram we have the mamas and papas newborn cocoon and also to follow on we have the all seasons footmuff.. now both are essentially padded and lined etc so we are wondering do we need coats ontop of the all in one sleep suit type things and a hat when in the sleeping bags which they are effectively?

we have blankets of course if needed...

thanks for the help

Artandco Sun 05-Feb-17 18:52:19

I never used a coat until they were old enough to sit up and move blankets off or walk.
9-12months roughly.

So no I wouldn't buy a newborn a coat. Awkward if they fall asleep as too hot indoors. Easier to add cardigan and hat. Then blankets and cocoon which can be removed if warm.

Also i guess you baby isn't due until spring also so not in depths of frozen winter. Buy one next winter

F1GI Sun 05-Feb-17 18:56:26

I think you do. Baby is due mid-late march? I brought my March baby home in a coat. I got a thin coat which was OK to put under the car seat straps.

odincrannage Sun 05-Feb-17 18:59:11

the cocoon and footmuff are set in place so can only be opened or vented and not removed as the harness goes through to keep in place and baby secure also.

we figured that these items as they are padded etc and designed for warmth are effectively doing a coats job,, we just wonder if we needed a coat aswell inderneath.... but worried would overheat as you say

SweepTheHalls Sun 05-Feb-17 19:00:50

Star blankets are great for an extra layer of warmth in the pram and car seat, whilst being safe

Flipthebirdy Sun 05-Feb-17 19:01:07

Congratulations. So exciting! Sounds like you're very prepared. As baby won't be here for a couple of months I would hold off on buying a coat just yet. Maybe a nice fleecy thick cardigan as if it's too big you can still get away with it rather than an actual coat that is more likely to swamp baby.
As ahe gets closer to due date and especially when baby arrives you will probably find that you have been bought loads of clothes by friends and family.

odincrannage Sun 05-Feb-17 19:05:18

thanks for the replies, we are pretty much there for most items, just concerned if vest, onepiece and hat, plus coat and then in a foot muff or cocoon is too much.

interested to hear what others have done for newborns when using cocoons and or footmuffs (which cover all and not just feet lol)

TiggeryBear Sun 05-Feb-17 20:43:35

DD was born last March & typically wore when we went out - a short sleeve vest, socks (was paranoid about her getting cold feet! blush ) all in one suit (babygrow/onesie) cardigan & hat. (Depending how cold it was determined how thick cardigan was) then added a blanket over her if it was really cold/windy.

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