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Can you return items bought online in same plastic bag

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Londonmamabychance Sat 01-Oct-16 22:44:24

This has been bugging me for ever: when you buy clothes online and you want to return it, can you then use the original bag that it came in? By simply taking off the postage label that has your address on it, and replacing it with the free returns one Supplied by the company?

Always worried that it causes a mix up somehow and used a different bag, but it would be so much easier just to use the same one.

KanyesVest Sat 01-Oct-16 22:46:18

I usually turn the bag inside out and send it back. Less waste.

dovesong Sat 01-Oct-16 22:46:39

I use the same one! I either stick the new label over the old one or scribble over it. No problems so far.

LotisBlue Sat 01-Oct-16 22:47:00

I always use the same one

BBQueen Sat 01-Oct-16 22:49:05

They normally have an extra seal next to the cut line so you can re-seal them - they're designed to be used for returns!

LadyB49 Sat 01-Oct-16 22:52:19

Same bag turned inside out.

mangocoveredlamb Sat 01-Oct-16 23:00:41

The one I get usually have a second seal, and return labels the perfectly cover the original label.

Londonmamabychance Sun 02-Oct-16 20:09:05

Thanks for your advice! So good to know, now I'll definitely return in the same bag!

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