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Girls school boots, are they a thing..?

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Thismumcodes Tue 20-Sep-16 09:51:00

Feeling a bit baffled. My oldest DD has just started school. Due to some rubbish sizing guidance from M&S (if buying from them, ignore their measurement chart, use your Clarks size and round up!) her school shoes are already on the verge of being to small.

As I'm hoping her next pair will see her nicely into the colder months, I would like to get her a pair of leather boots, with the same kind of pretty detailing that you get with girls school shoes (I know, I'm not a fan of gender stereotyping, but, she likes that sort of thing).

I would have thought this would be a pretty normal thing, but I'm baffled that it seems difficult to find. In Clarks they just have either pretty open shoes or quite boyish styles and the only girly boots are only for older kids.

Can any more experienced parents help me to understand..? I mean, surely it can't be the done thing to send girls out in torrential rain / snow / general winter temperatures in a pair of Mary Janes..?

V confused..

nannyj Tue 20-Sep-16 09:52:11

The boots don't seem to be out yet in the shops. It's def a thing though so look out for them I'm sure they'll be in stock soon.

Irush Tue 20-Sep-16 09:53:46

Our primary lets the children take wellies in for playtime

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