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Please help! I'm rubbish at shopping!

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Unipottimus Thu 15-Sep-16 15:03:36

I'm a size 16 and a student (and have been sober now for 3 months wink), my student loan is about to come in (hooray!) and I desperately need new clothes. Can anyone recommend clothes that fit an hourglass shape really well, and look good and the shops that allow enough bum space to sit down without flashing a builder's bum (double points for online shops).

I need trousers/jeans, tops, undies (big boobs), leggings, dresses & jumpers.

I want a new smart/casual style (chinos, loose jumpers, shirts, leggings) that are comfortable, smart enough for when I'm on teaching placement but casual enough to wear to lectures, long lasting and as I'm a poor student.. Affordable!

I live in a little village half an hour from any real shops, I've never really been a big shopper, I literally have no idea of shops and what kind of stuff they sell, online would be even better but I have even less of a clue there!

Help! I need some style and some 'me' back!

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