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The search for the perfect boots...

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twirlytwit Sat 10-Sep-16 20:03:57

So I've just returned to work and want to treat myself to a new pair of boots this year. I like the ankle boot/Chelsea type but am fussy about where they sit on my ankle, especially as my jeans are now more straight than skinny cut. Are these still 'in'? Any suggestions please and tips on how to style them?
I live in jeans, dresses and black tights, occasionally leggings. I'm quite boring and play it rather safe! Must be comfy, versatile, suitable for everyday. I'm thinking black or tan, but open to suggestions, ideas on a postcard please! Ty x

Oakley02 Thu 27-Oct-16 18:36:07

Jones Bootmaker has a sale online, have you tried them? I am also on the hunt for some mid heel comfortable but stylish boots and keep seeing lovely styles but not in my size (4). Anyone have any suggestions?

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