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So Angry with Clarks where to shop now?

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puzzledleopard Mon 05-Sep-16 14:57:36

I've used Clarks since DD was little but I'm not sure where to shop now?

This is a second chance for Clark's as I had such a bad experience with them last year!

Went to have DD measured the assistant forced the slide against DDs toes it came out at 10e I looked at my partner and he looked at me and we both looked confused as she's already a 10 and her shoes are too small. I said to the lady are you sure it's correct not squashing dd toes she said yes and rushed off to assist someone else. I was so confused I went to another assistant and said the size that we are given does includes growing room!? She confirmed it did. My partner was having non of it so we went to several other shoe shops and DD measured at minimum size 10.5 and was recommended a 11 narrow fitting in several shops. Which I know that all other shoe shops can be different when it comes to sizing and the actual fit of the shoe is the important part.

But her feet measure 175mm in length and Width from little toe join to big toe join is 116mm I went to the Clarks website and requested a size based on this as this is the way Clarks Foot Measuring Gauge works you can buy to keep at home it measures in mm and you contact them to get the shoe size.

They confirmed based on the measurements that she should be in fact be a 11e

My partner is questioning he force on DD toes and calibration of the ipad as it's all digital now.

I know a lot of people who trust Clark's with their children feet maybe I've been unlucky!

What happened Last year,

They ended up recommending a pair then they ended up giving DD a pair half a size smaller than DD had measured! I asked if that was correct and she assured me it was because of the different shoe styles the fit can be different and this was the best fit in that style.

Paid £38! but by December they had come apart from the sole. I went back to the store to change them replace without DD they refused.
Went again with DD they put them on and the lady felt her feet with them on said that they still fitted great and while there wasn't loads of room they still fitted.
Then someone else came over and said they had to measure DDs feet again. DD came out at a whole size bigger than the size of the shoe they provided, which was not a shock to me as they provided her with a half a size smaller shoe but they did not take that into account! I said I bought them on the basis that what I was being told was true! Because it was a full shoe size she had gone up I was entitled to £0 and there excuses for the shoes falling apart was the fact her feet were so big. Yet when I got there the lady said it felt fine still and if not for falling apart she could continue to wear them. They still looked brand new apart from coming apart at the seam join between the leather and the sole.

She had some Amazing ones from her dads parents but they were a Euro shoe size but I can't remember the brand so I dont have access to getting them again.

Balletgirlmum Mon 05-Sep-16 15:02:17

Since Clarks brought in their iPad measuring I refuse to go there. Both my children have had wildly inaccurate fittings ftom them. Ds was measured an F fitting - I wasn't happy as he has very narrow feet so we went to an independent shop who used an old fashioned Clarks foot gauge & he was measured a D/E fitting in a totally different size.

Dd was measured an F fitting but she has G/H sized feet.

Start rite are much better or if you can find an independent shop who do several brands even better (narrow Ds suits Geox)

puzzledleopard Tue 06-Sep-16 11:06:17

Thanks for your reply sorry to her you have had similar problems I think you're right this Ipad measuring seems to be a big issue. At first I thought it was quite a good idea getting the child engaged picking a character to be helped my daughter's concentration but since they changed from the older foot gauge we have had many issues.

I will try startrite at the weekend every other shop we visited at the weekend I wasnt sure about the shoes and non of the ones we went in had startrite. Most shops went to in the kids section were all mainly clarks still and I just dont think I'm willing to spend any more money with them.

I looked up startrite and can get them at Johnlewis if I can't find an independent shoe shop that does them it's just the fitting and measuring I'd like them to be right with her having Narrow feet.

LemonBreeland Tue 06-Sep-16 11:16:44

Start Rite are particularly good for narrow feet. All 3 of my DC have narrow feet and their best fitting shoes have been start rite.

Independent is the way to go.

noblegiraffe Tue 06-Sep-16 11:22:04

I'm not convinced by Clarks new measuring system but you can feel/see for yourself if a kids' shoes are wildly the wrong size. I went to a different shop for my last set of kids shoes (6 and 3 year old) and both sets were completely fallen apart within 3 months - I've never had that with Clarks.

Buzzardbird Tue 06-Sep-16 11:24:25

I have to say DD has C fitting feet and her Startrite shoes were crap quality at £45.
I am also angry with Clarks though as last years pair broke and shop assistant said they would only change them if DD's feet hadn't grown even though HO said they would.
This year they have measured her as being the same size as last three years and now on day 2 of school DD said her shoes are "too tight"!
So pissed off. angry

Balletgirlmum Tue 06-Sep-16 11:25:15

Wheras the one time Ds had Clarks shoes (as opposed to trainers ) they only lasted a couple of months wheras start rite & Geox last the whole year.

Portobelly Tue 06-Sep-16 11:26:24

I think Clarkes are as bad as M&s are for bra fitting.

You do not need to use them.
You will not destroy your child's feet if you opt to use other shoes.

My son is wearing campers. They are flexible soled, all leather inside and out, they have removable inserts, which show where toes should be when new, and you can easily check the toe position as they grow. They seem supportive but not stiff.

They don't have gimmicky figures on them
Just classic, contemporary style.

elQuintoConyo Tue 06-Sep-16 11:27:25

Pabloski are great shoes, i think they're Italian? Soft good quality leather, they last my active DS all season. And i'd second Geox.

Seeline Tue 06-Sep-16 11:27:33

the measure is only a guide. That's why the fitters are trained - they can tell which style of shoe will need to be slightly bigger/smaller/wider etc.
Both my DCs have 'awkward' feet, and I have always used Clarks and never had any problems, either with the fit of the shoe (which often isn't what they originally measured as), or the shoes collapsing. Even at 12 and 14 both still have Clarks shoes for school.

GobblersKnob Tue 06-Sep-16 11:28:08

I have never ever had either of my children's feel measured (and they are big children now) I have always measures in cm and bought shoes (usually online) if they don't fit when they arrive I change them for a bigger or smaller pair.

You really don't have to put up with Clarks and their bullshit.

MangoBiscuit Tue 06-Sep-16 11:31:08

I tend to go to our nearest John Lewis. Ours has a large children's shoes section with fitting service. I've always had helpful staff, even being told not to bother buying anything one time because her feet hadn't grown enough to warrant it. When DD1's school shoes broke after a good few months of use, they re-measured her (up half a size) and replaced with new shoes in the new size, at no extra cost.

I did once have one staff member try to convince DD2 she wanted the girls shoes one time, but she glared at him until he handed over the blue airplane shoes. grin I think that's the only less than lovely experience we've had there.

Only1scoop Tue 06-Sep-16 11:31:49

Hush puppies Op, come with 3 different insoles for fit

Brantano sometimes fit for them

I also like Pediped and Petasil but harder to get hold of and measured for, we are lucky to have a little shop which sells them.

gallicgirl Tue 06-Sep-16 11:38:40

Have a look at

I only use Clarks for toddler shoes really.

noblegiraffe Tue 06-Sep-16 11:40:12

Geox school shoes were ones we had to replace after 3 months. Clarks have been fine until he has grown out of them, which is usually most of a school year.

ageingrunner Tue 06-Sep-16 11:46:58

I use an independent shop but they fit clarkes shoes. I am considering trying a different, more flexible brand though. They have always fitted ds correctly, but I don't think they have always been very comfortable for him when first bought. We always had clarks shoes as children, so it never occured to me that they might not be very good blush

zen1 Tue 06-Sep-16 11:52:34

Clarks measuring service makes me laugh. I took DS (13) in there at the weekend as he has really wide feet and can only wear their H fit trainers. I asked them to measure him and he came up as a 7.5H. I said "that's funny because last time he was here (8 wks ago), he measured 8.5H and he's been wearing that size ever since. After trying stuff on, he was finally fitted with 9H! I rarely buy stuff from there, and if I do, I always end up arguing that their measure is wrong (another DS measured a C width, yet they make nothing less than an E anyway, so what's the point?).

AnyTheWiser Tue 06-Sep-16 11:54:41

We use start rite usually, but hush puppies are also good for narrow feet as they have different inserts they can put in. We get them from JL or independent shop.

butterfly990 Tue 06-Sep-16 14:28:47

Have you tried

They are very responsive for queries regarding sizing of shoes.

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