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Winter help: Snowsuits and Footmuffs

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Straughts Tue 23-Aug-16 03:23:40

Hi all,

Some cold weather advice please - I have a March baby so not yet had to contend with any kind of cold weather.

I'm off to Vienna for the weekend in December, with apparently temperatures around -3C average. I'm debating whether to get a snowsuit for my LO, or a footmuff, or both. He is a real hotbod at the best of times, and want him to be warm but not too hot! I guess I thought you would have more control of temperature with a footmuff, a good coat and blankets etc rather than one snowsuit. He will be 9 months and in a forward facing pram.

Thanks ladies!! smile

KARMAisaBtch Tue 30-Aug-16 18:30:08

I have bought winter coat for my baby girl by Ted Baker @ Next.

I really like the design and it makes her warm. smile

At the moment, Next has £20 off when you spend £50 @ next online. Message me if you want one. smile

BikeRunSki Tue 30-Aug-16 18:41:03

For rain and cold weatherproofing, I recommend Bush Baby snowsuits.

For serious warmth, I'd go for down

As for footmuffs, the Iglu Kaiser is fabukous. We used it as a sleeping bag when we went camping.

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