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buttermymuffins Thu 14-Jul-16 15:19:22

The most revolting thing ever has just happened to me. confused a few weeks ago I packed my winter jumpers up in one of those vacuum bag things that slide under the bed. FF to today, I saw some black things buzzing around inside said vacuum bag jutting out from under the bed a bit. So I pull the bag out & open it there are literally 1,000s of flies buzzing around or half dead. Loads of them either fell out or flew out. In my bedroom! Barf. So I drag the bag downstairs & start to pull out the contents to see the extent of flymaggedon. It's awful. The seal must have failed, the cats must have caught a rat, yes a rat, brought it into my bedroom before it was properly dead, it crawled into cosy jumpers to wee, poo & then die, flies followed it in & laid squillions of eggs on decomposing rat. All of which I have just found. I feel sick. What do I do?! I can't throw all these lovely jumpers away, I can't afford to replace them all. I have hoovered all the dead flies & pupae off them & are going to wash them twice & see how they come up. This is actually the worst thing ever to deal with! WWYD? Don't say get rid of cats! confusedconfusedconfused

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