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Thoughts on new business venture

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staveleymum Mon 14-Mar-16 12:56:20

I am seeking some feedback from mums regarding a new venture I am considering.

I am a bit fan of saving money and I use Ebay and charity shops to look for great quality clothing for my kids. However, with postage costs and the time it takes to trawl charity shops I have wondered if there is a better way.

I wonder if there was a shop within driving distance to you that sold second hand baby equipment and clothing would you be interested. It could be used as a place for parents to sell items and buy (where you can look at the items and dont have to pay postage).

The idea would be that I would take a commission on all items sold (to cover expenses and make a small profit).

Is this something that you would consider using to buy or sell baby things. I really would appreciate your comments.

Thanks in advance


Gymboree567 Mon 14-Mar-16 19:16:44

When my daughter was little there was a 50/50 baby shop
You drop your stuff off, return 1 month later she would give you 50% of the money and any unsold stuff back
It was brill, used it all the time to buy and sell, she sold the business on to move abroad and the new lady didnt keep the quality as high so it ended up closing down,
As long as you stick to quality items like a nearly new shop it can work
There's a womens version of the shop in the town I work which also does very well
Good luck x

Hormonal33 Tue 15-Mar-16 17:02:23

I would definitely use it! Great idea!

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