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elaineann Thu 03-Mar-16 13:21:18

Second hand uniform shop does anybody think there would be a need parents could bring there unwanted uniforms into a shop to be exchange for cash or big size uniform .

SquirmOfEels Thu 03-Mar-16 13:25:24

Yes. All the schools I've used have had second hand sales organised by PTA.

Not exchanges though. Straightforward sale (proceeds split parent/PTA or all donated to PTA) and opportunity to buy. Frequency of sales varies between schools. Only the huge one does it more than once a term.

elaineann Thu 03-Mar-16 13:45:45

Thank you for your advice I was thinking I have loads of uniforms that my children have grown out of but there is nothing wrong with them have given some to my school nursery as they keep spare incase of accidents but what to do with the bigger sizes then I thought how many mums have kept their children old uniforms if like me loads my kids school don't do any second and sales but know lots of parent in need but can't always afford new when needed in emergencies parents could bring them to a shop that I could rent and exchange for a bigger size or buy I would donation a percentage of the money to a local schools as I will have over head to pay for its only a thought just to see if there was any interest at the moment .

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