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Where are all the nice baby boys clothes?

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Sparklycat Tue 22-Dec-15 19:32:57

We already have girls and have clearly been spoilt when buying clothes for girls, everything is so cute and pretty and I could spend a fortune on cute outfits.
Now we are expecting a boy I've been browsing but everywhere seems to sell dull colours and tracksuit type outfits, or t shirts with silly slogans on them which I don't like.
Please share where you buy your cute boy baby outfits from grin

LittleBearPad Tue 22-Dec-15 19:34:35

Jojo Maman Bebe and John Lewis. Mainly the former at the moment.

MaisieDotes Tue 22-Dec-15 19:36:58

Baby Gap, mostly.

TheEagle Tue 22-Dec-15 19:39:08

Polarn O.Pyret - I buy online mostly. Gorgeous fabrics, bright colours and they wash so well. Sizing is generous and they regularly have good sales.

originalusernamefail Tue 22-Dec-15 19:39:57

If you ever find one let me know. I have one DS and another expected January and I despair of having to dress them for years grin. At least my friends have girls so I get my 'frill fill' shopping for them!

unimaginativename13 Tue 22-Dec-15 19:43:18

I find they look cuter actually in them rather than girls stuff looks pretty in the shops.

We've done a mix of supermarket baby grows, Next, baby gap, the white company, some ted baker from debenhams (?)

I found some stuff on etsy Maobelle and Bo, which is nice and I'll buy some in bigger sizes.

BathshebaDarkstone Tue 22-Dec-15 19:43:22

Fuctifino. I love buying for DD and hate buying for DS, and they're 8 and 4. Can someone please tell me when it gets better?

RoobyTuesday Tue 22-Dec-15 19:43:49

I second John Lewis - they have a nice range of boys clothes. If you have a Fenwicks near you they sell a wide range of labels that you don't find on the high street. I've gone a bit mini Boden mad this Autumn/winter for my 12 month old - I've got him some lovely trousers, jumpers and tops but unfortunately they've been out of stock in most sizes of the entire baby range for several weeks. Frugi also do some nice boys clothes. Personally I think you have to go online for the nicer stuff which makes sizing a bit difficult.

Scoopmuckdizzy Tue 22-Dec-15 19:44:34

I love the little bird stuff in mothercare.

Highlandbird Tue 22-Dec-15 19:45:07

Frugi , they have a great sale on just now too!

BikeRunSki Tue 22-Dec-15 19:47:05

Jojo, H&M, John Lewis, Boden, Sainsbury's, Next if you search (often do really nice bright unisex striped stuff for newborn-age 2 ish).
Boots. Frugi. joules. Little Bird at Mothercare.

I found it much easier to get nice clothes for ds than non-princessy DD.

CasualJersey Tue 22-Dec-15 19:47:30

John Lewis
Mini Boden
Mothercare, Next, sainsburys (though only a few bits at a time from the last 3 places as can be hit n miss)
You really do have to buy things when you see them as often nice boys clothes sell out fast.
I have a DS (1) and he wear bright coloured clothes that are age appropriate.

CasualJersey Tue 22-Dec-15 19:48:03

Cross post with PP grin

Artandco Tue 22-Dec-15 19:48:11

Loads of places

- Polarn o Pyret
- katvig
- molo
- John Lewis
- mama owl
- Cambridge baby
- the white company
- petite bateau
- vertabet
- joha
- disana
- steiff
- fub

There's loads of lovely clothes out there. I have two boys, and find lots of lovely stuff. Girls stuff is harder imo and often glittery or pink!

Outaboutnowt Tue 22-Dec-15 19:49:21

Zara is my favourite for boys clothes, and m&s do the odd nice thing too.
Mamas and papas baby grows are gorgeous and really good quality.

I don't know if you will share taste - DS wears bright and bold colours and patterns and he mainly wears leggings - they have been great while he's been learning to crawl and walk.

Sparklycat Tue 22-Dec-15 19:51:07

This is great thanks, haven't heard of a lot of the recommendations! Really looking forward to browsing them.

Jw35 Tue 22-Dec-15 19:54:40


Micah Tue 22-Dec-15 19:55:12

Come on, everyone knows boys aren't interested in clothes and shouldn't be looking "cute". Girls look pretty, must wear pink, and wear delicate little outfits, all you need for boys is hard wearing stuff they can fight and get dirty in. Brown/beige/camp stuff is best for getting muddy.

The slogans show how male they are in a humorous way.

Drives me mad. I actually can't find functional hard wearing clothes for girls. It's all dresses and frills and girly stuff.

Scoopmuckdizzy Tue 22-Dec-15 19:56:00

My baby DSs wore tights from slugs and snails and h&m. They were cosy and I never had the lost sock problem.

BikeRunSki Tue 22-Dec-15 19:56:08

Toby Tiger

How could I forget Toby Tiger!

TheEagle Tue 22-Dec-15 19:57:37

Aldi often do baby tights in their baby events - I have some nice red and navy ones for DTs (boys)

missmargot Tue 22-Dec-15 19:58:45

My favourites are Zara and Gap on the high street or if I'm shopping online then I love the Scandinavian brands- Mini Rodini, Smafolk, Maxomorra, Polarn O Pyret etc. Juicytots, Little Sunflowers, Orfeo Designs, Scandi Mini and Kyna Boutique are all great websites.

There are lots of Facebook buying and selling groups for these brands, some of them hold their value really well which justify the extra cost for me.

purplewhale Tue 22-Dec-15 20:00:13

I buy a lot from sainsburys. I find they are good quality, wash well and have nice designs

onedogatoddlerandababy Tue 22-Dec-15 20:04:02

Some already mentioned - Frugi, maxomorra, smafolk, little bird at mothercare.
Lots of unisex and bright colours. And mostly slogan free.

Sparklycat Tue 22-Dec-15 21:01:33

Just ordered some cute bits from Vertbaudet, now off to browse the other sites!

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