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Yellow shoes

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Lucymatilde Mon 14-Dec-15 12:21:19

I have never thought of buying yellow shoes but on a different thread a girl recommended them to go with a blue dress. And now I'm very interested. But I wonder whether other ladies have them and like them. And how often do you wear them and what with?

opiumm Wed 13-Jan-16 21:21:54

I have a boy and we buy shoes for him here they have a great variety of shoes and I think even yellow;)

nicolehello Fri 15-Jan-16 12:20:26

My daughter had a pair last summer, they were adorable and great for adding a pop of colour to outfits. They work really well with navy, denim - chambray, grey, white, greens and any neutrals plus some of the pinks (depending on the shade of yellow and pink you go for? - also looks cute with black but I'd also put another colour in to avoid the 'bumble bee effect'. If you love them I'd definitely go for it.

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